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You put serious thought into selecting your mouse. You scoured reviews and learned technical specs, compared sensors and tested ergonomics. After coming to the perfect decision, there is only one thing left for you to do: pair it with the ultimate surface. By combining your mouse of choice with a high quality operating surface, you are unleashing the true potential between device and user, fusing the domains of input and output into a singular, harmonious experience.

Surface type refers to the level of hardness and rigidity built into a mat. Easily the most recognizable quality, the surface type determines the overall feel as well as the level of comfort, portability and available surface types. Each surface type’s mousing qualities are further modified by the surface type, but we’ll get to that next.

The texture type is the top most layer of a surface that directly interacts with your mouse’s sensor. It is what your mouse “reads”, or tracks, as you swipe, click and glide your way to victory. The type of surface on your mouse mat will determine the characteristics of speed, control, tactile feedback and glide resistance. Surface types typically produce an experience that enhances either your speed or your control with the mouse. With each type performing and feeling different from one another, it is crucial to understand each one individually.

They hybrid brings the best of both the hard and soft worlds. Hybrid surfaces offer the flexibility and cushioning that soft surfaces offer, while having a super smooth, easy to clean surface for maximum performance. If you’re not picky or just can’t pick between the other two types, hybrid should be your way to go.

The hybrid is ideal for long hours of high precision use, whether you’re spending the weekend at a LAN party or handling some modeling or design work without a tablet. The rubber and silicon material seen in a CM Storm Power RX is less prone to condensation issues, but even if you spilled your drink on it, it’s as easy to clean as any hard surface.

Available on:

  • Rubber coated cloth with silicon base
  • Low friction, textured weave
  • 2.5mm cushion, rounded edges
  • Waterproof