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* 1.Do you prefer to build your own PC or buy a prebuilt PC?

* 2.Where do you usually purchase your desktop components from (PC chassis, CPU cooler, power supply, keyboard, etc)?

* 3.What Cherry MX Switch type do you prefer in your mechanical keyboard for overall use (gaming, typing, etc.)?

* 4.When selecting a gaming mouse, which sensor platform would you prefer?

* 5.When selecting a gaming mouse, what factor ultimately determines whether or not you purchase it?

* 6.What grip type do you use to hold your mouse?

* 7.What game genre would you be most interested in viewing for live streaming events or competitions?

* 8.What most influences your purchase of mobile and gaming products?

* 9.Where do you spend the most time using your tablet?

* 10.What is the most important feature that you look for in a tablet stand?

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