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1.What size notebook do you currently own?
2.How many hours do you use your notebook on your lap per week?
3.Do you currently use external speakers to improve your notebook sound?
4.What do you prefer to listen to music with when seeking portability?
5.How much are you willing to pay for a stylish headphone?
6.What is your most preferred CPU cooler manufacturer?
7.Where could Cooler Master most improve with its CPU Cooling Product?
8.Will you purchase a CPU liquid cooling kit in the next 12 months?
9.What is the most important feature of an all in one liquid cooling kit?
10.What cooling technology are you most interested in?
11.How much would you pay for a liquid cooling kit with the best cooling performance and efficiency?
12.What wattage are you currently running on your system’s power supply unit?
13.How often do you upgrade your power supply?
14.What is your preference on a power supply unit?
15.Do you own a gaming headset? If so what brand? And how often do you use it?
16.What kind of gaming mouse brand do you prefer? And what do you like about it?

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** Contest has now ended, thank you.

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