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Date Created: 09/16/2008 11:32 AM
Last Updated: 07/03/2011 12:44 PM


Real Power Pro 750w

Why does Real Power Pro 750W and Real Power M700 not power on?

The power-on issues that you are experiencing do not mean that your power supply unit is defective. Cooler Master’s Real Power series includes a soft-start circuit design that safe-guards the power supply unit and your hardware from power spikes when you turn it on. Due to this safe-guard mechanism, it usually takes the power up to 15-20ms to reach the motherboard. With MSI motherboards based on Intel’s P35 chipset and later models, power needs to be detected within 12ms. This lag in duration has resulted in the power not being detected and the motherboard is therefore unable to power on your system. More on soft-start technology:

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