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Date Created: 09/16/2008 11:34 AM
Last Updated: 07/18/2010 01:07 AM


Real Power Pro 850w

Why Cooler Master 850W PSU without Power Switch?

1. Currently PC on/off action can be done by operation system (PS _ON signal can control on/off of PSU). Therefore, the power switch is not necessary. 2. CM 850W PSU is a high wattage power supply and its relative input current is extremely high than normal power supply. Therefore, the power switch will require supporting such high current going through. However, these kind of switches with safety are rare in the market now and the reliability is not good enough. And that’s why Cooler Master will like get. 3. The most important reason why we do not design the power switch is to avoid the electronic damaged by inrush current. Real Power Pro 850W PSU is a high capacity PSU. The input current is about 15 amps in worst case. However, the transient inrush current will be 150 amps ~ 200 amps high in the worst case and this high current will cause extremely high temperature. The heat can even melt the metal reed inside the switch. Due to this safety concern Cooler Master decide not include power switch in our high power output model power supply.

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