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Date Created: 08/02/2011 12:01 PM
Last Updated: 03/19/2012 11:08 AM


CM Storm Sirus

When I use my Sirus I get a "USB out of bandwidth" or "excessive bandwidth" error.

To accomplish an uncompromised sound quality the Sirus must transfer large amounts of data through the dual USB ports. Other devices on the same USB host controller may also require large amounts of data and this can exceed the capabilities of some systems. To avoid this try to install the Sirus on its own USB host controller. This can be done by relocating the Sirus to other USB ports on your system until the problem ceases. You also want to be sure your Sirus is plugged directly into your computer and not via a non powered USB hub that you may find on keyboards and other peripherals.

Vista users want to make sure they have installed these Hot Fixes available from Microsoft.
Vista users also want to insure the Service Pack (SP2) update from Microsoft is installed on their computers.

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