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Date Created: 05/25/2012 09:50 AM
Last Updated: 02/09/2013 10:44 PM


CM Storm Trigger

Trigger stops working when i insert a USB stick or HDD

Trigger doesnt require an external PSU to work, but since it uses your computers USB power, there are certain limitations. If you connect high power USB devices such as external HDDs, some highend USB sticks and smartphones or tablets to Triggers built in USB hub, it can result in a too high power draw from your Mainboard. As a result many Mainboards limit or disable USB power, which can cause Trigger and the devices connected to its USB hub to freeze or power off.

You can try to use different USB ports on your Mainboard to see if some of them can provide more power. USB3 ports for example can provide almost 3x as much power as USB2.0 ports.

Or you can disable Triggers LED backlight which greatly reduces its power consumption, and leaves more USB power for devices connected to Triggers USB hub.

If possible, use an external standard 5VDC psu and connect it to Trigger, this allows you to use all 5 LED backlight brightness settings and enables you to use high power USB devices connected to Trigger at the same time.

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