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Date Created: 05/25/2012 09:53 AM
Last Updated: 06/28/2013 08:19 PM


CM Storm Trigger

What are the different Macro execution modes on Trigger?

Macros can be played back in two ways, via the Trigger App, or via Triggers integrated Microprocessor.
Right click on the Trigger App Tray Icon to switch between these two modes.

Executing Macros via the Trigger App allows you to still interact with the game while Macros are being executed. Be aware though that mixing keyboard input and executing Macros at the same time can have weird and unpredicted results. For example: If your Macro contains ALT, and you press TAB while the macro is being executed, you might unintentionally trigger ALT+TAB and switch applications.
Unfortunately some applications block or dont support keyboard input originating or being manipulated by software.

Executing Macros via the integrated Microprocessor in your Trigger Keyboard allows you to execute Macros in any Application. Macros might still be blocked partially or entirely if the delay between actions is too low for human input, or is identical between all actions. In this case adjust the delay between actions to make Macros work. The downside of this Macro execution mode is that you lose keyboard input as long as the Macro is being executed. In most cases this isnt an issue, as Macros tend to be very short. If you execute a Macro and then have to interact with the game again and change your strategy, you can hit the Escape key to abort the currently running Macro and regain keyboard input instantly.

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