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Date Created: 05/25/2012 09:54 AM
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CM Storm Trigger

How does OTF (on the fly) Macro Recording work?

Macros are recordings of keyboard and Mouse input, which you can assign to keyboard keys to automate processes and avoid using highly repetitive input sequences.

Trigger allows you to record Macros on the fly by pressing a key combination, and then assigning it to a Macro key and use it right away. This means you dont need to have any application or the Trigger App running, and can record and immediately use input sequences within the game or application, without ever leaving it. This saves time and is a lot more convenient. Another advantage is that its a lot easier to record input sequences when you are in your usual environment you are familiar with. You dont have to think about what keys to hit, but just use the keyboard naturally. You can then later open the OTF Macros in Macro Studio and edit or revise them.

1. Close or minimize the Trigger App.
2. If it helps you to record the Macro, launch the game or Application you want to record a Macro for.
3. Press and hold the Storm button + Alt-Macro button at the same time for 2 seconds to start recording a macro.
4. The Scroll Lock LED on your Trigger starts flashing slowly.
5. Trigger now switches to the default Keyboard profile to avoid confusion of key remappings and customizations you might have made to keyboard profiles.
6. You can now continue playing the game, or press any key combinations you want to record. be aware that any key you press is still sent to the PC/Application/Game! The Scroll Lock LED starts flashing quickly now.
7. As soon as the macro reaches 50 actions of 30s of length, it will stop recording automatically. If the macro is less than 50 actions and 30s long, you can manually stop the recording with the next step.
8. Press the FN button and Alt-Macro button once stop recording.
9. The Scroll Lock LED starts to flash slowly again.
10. Trigger switches back to the Keyboard profile you had selected when you started recording OTF Macros.
11. Hit one of the M1-M5 keys on the left of the keyboard to assign the recorded macro to any of the buttons of this Profile, and the Scroll Lock LED turns off.
12. If you don’t assign the macro to any of the “Mx” buttons within 15 seconds, the macro will be deleted and the macro recording session ends automatically.

Note: the left Storm key can be disabled or programmed to act as a windows key, in this case you will have to use the right Storm key which is fixed to always act as Storm special function key.

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