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Date Created: 05/25/2012 09:58 AM
Last Updated: 05/25/2012 02:07 PM


CM Storm Trigger

How can I switch between Keyboard Profiles?

Trigger features integrated memory that lets you program and store 5 Keyboard Profiles complete with key-remappings, advanced functions and application launch shortcuts and 15 Macros for each Keyboard Profile. To switch between these keyboard Profiles, press and hold any of the two Storm buttons, and then press:

~ to switch to the default Profile
1 to switch to Profile1
2 to switch to Profile2
3 to switch to Profile3
4 to switch to Profile4
5 to switch to Profile5

Note: the left Storm key can be disabled or programmed to act as a windows key, in this case you will have to use the right Storm key which is fixed to always act as Storm special function key.

Note: As long as the Trigger App is active, the keyboard automatically switches to the default Keyboard Profile. This is done since programming keyboard profiles or macros could get confusing if you are actually using a custom keyboard profile where the keys have different functions or even macros assigned to them.
As soon as you close the Trigger AP or minimize it to the system Tray, you will be able to switch to your customized Keyboard profiles again.

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