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Date Created: 08/26/2008 04:02 PM
Last Updated: 09/08/2011 07:22 AM


Cosmos 1000

How I can enhance the cooling performance of HDD module?

The thermal solution concept of COSMOS is different from the other tranditional cases. In order to keep the system operation silent, we adopt the dual bottom intake to let users from noise.By using the concept of stack effect and negative pressure, more airflow can be drawn inside the casing while the system temperature increases. If you want to enhance the cooling performance on HDD module, you can change the default position of the bottom fan to the top of the HDD. Please download the file attachment to see the detaied installation manual. PRESENCE.COM PC just published a review about the comparsion of Cooler Master COSMOS and Antec P180. The superior thermal performance of COSMOS is self-evident. Original Text Link:

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