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"Priced at $130 MSRP at press time, what more is there to say about the Cooler Master Storm Sirus? If you are a gaming enthusiast purely looking for an addition to your rig for some pure pwnage, then this headset will satisfy your needs."

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"Cooler Master have done their homework, and offered up a quality product at a competitive price."

> Details Silver Tachometer
"The Sirus was reliable out of the box with minimal adjustment. For quality sound and true surround sound that works and works well, you want a Sirus on your head. "

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BigBruin: Recommended
"The 5.1 surround sound stereo audio and build quality are top notch, and they are comfortable enough to wear for prolonged periods."

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"The CM Storm Sirus is a more than respectable mid-range entry into the gaming headset market. "

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Futurelooks: Recommended
"The headset is a true 5.1 design with three 30mm speakers in each ear cup along with a 40mm woofer. Combined with its control module, which doubles as a USB audio card, it allows precision adjustments of all channels to match your gaming environment. The module is also heavy and won't fly off your desk in the heat of battle. "

> Details Diamond Award
"The Included DAC(Mixing console) is more then pleasant to work with. It allows you to adjust whats needed on the fly. If you want to listen to footsteps you may want to turn the center channel, Or if you want to hear everything and feel highly immersed you may want to have it all turned up."

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Hardwarecanucks: Dam Good
"The Cooler Master Storm Sirus can be easily classified by two words: situational adaptability. Its combination of both USB and analog connections allows it to fit the needs of nearly everyone who is currently looking for a gaming headset."

> Details Silver
"Comfort is a main issue for those about to spend hours playing with a headset, and the Sirus just has a sturdiness that is deceiving – the product is quite comfortable despite not being that light on the head. The acoustic isolation of the earcups (especially the cloth ones) left a few unanswered phone calls right by our side."

> Details Gold
"The build quality and overall performance of the CM Storm Sirus True 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset is excellent. Brain rocking bass levels can be achieved. The mids and highs were clean and clear. In all situations, the Sirus sounded great. "

> Details 9/10 Recommended
"The Storm Sirus is a fantastic piece of equipment for any user. Hearing is a sense that is crucial to all types of media, and Cooler Master helps you take advantage of it with 360 degree directional surround sound, powerful bass, clear audio, and a mixing console that puts it all at your fingertips."

> Details Editors Choice
"What more can I say? If there was ever a product that deserved an Editors' Choice Award this is it. Top notch quality and top notch sound."

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Modders-inc - Must Have
"The sounds are crisp and clear and with the new Tactical Mixing Console - which will give you an unfair advantage - you can really fine tune how the sound is delivered."

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"It's also very impressive that all of these speakers could be packed in a headset that's very comfortable. Most people will not have to get accustomed to having the Sirius on their head."

> Details Furious 5 of 5
"Audio performance is very good and as I mentioned before there were some instances where I actually had to turn the bass down which is unheard of in a gaming headset, especially one without a power assisted rumble module. The True 5.1 nature of the Storm Sirus gaming headset proved that surround gaming is possible with this product and made picking off rouge snipers extremely easy as they tried to sneak up behind me."

> Details Silver Seal of Approval
" awards the Cooler Master Storm Sirus 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset our Silver Seal of Approval based on great gaming performance, connectivity flexibility and comfort."

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> Details Highly Recommended
"The Sirus produced outstanding sound quality when it came to gaming and listening to our favorite tunes. A lot of this is from the fact the Sirus are a true 5.1 head set and not one that is 'stereo' and requires heavy usage of a software application to get it right."

> Details Great Hardware
"...the design and aesthetics are tastefully done, matching what they have achieved in the Storm series of products so far. The build quality is also excellent and the headset is very comfortable..."

> Details Crowned Product Award
"The Sirius leaves as much room as possible for the user to customize it as they wish. The versatility of the headset also means that listening to music or movies is just as pleasant on the Sirius as it is for games. A great appearance, comfort, and high quality sound mean that the Sirius means business, and will certainly be a contender for one of the best 5.1 gaming headsets money can buy."

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"When looking for a gaming headset you can rely on to deliver true surround sound capabilities, the Cooler Master Storm Sirus is the gaming headset for you. Plus, who wouldn’t love the red glow that comes off this headset at night?"

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Tweaknews: Top Rank Award
"If you're shopping around for a headset that offers quality sound and a lot of flexibility, the CM Storm Sirus is definitely worth taking a look at. It's sturdy enough to survive heavy use and versatile enough to last through at least a few system upgrades."

> Details 9/10
"Well it looks like Cooler Master has succeeded in creating another great CM Storm product. Sirus has a lot to offer to gamers. With precise sounds and True 5.1 Surround sound Sirus is a definitely a good choice for any gamer."

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