• What cooling components is the TPC 812 comprised of?
    2 Vertical Vapor Chambers, 6 Heat Pipes, Pure Copper Base, Aluminum Fins

  • Are there tests that better highlight the Vertical Vapor Chamber cooling potential?
    Test the TPC 812 as you traditional would with the exception that it should be able to perform as well or better than mid to mid-high end all-in-one liquid coolers and air coolers. This is the case when apples-to-apples comparisons is used (e.g. same system setup, single fan, etc.)

  • Is the TPC 812 compatible with LGA 2011?
    Yes, the included universal bracket supports most current and recent socket types from Intel and AMD.

  • Does the TPC 812 come with extra fan brackets?
    Yes, the retail box comes with a second set of fan brackets

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