• Will there be additional keycaps available for purchase?

    Although not currently for sale, this may be available in the future.

  • What LED modes are supported on the Trigger?

    The Trigger comes equipped with on-the-fly function keys for customizing the LED backlighting. These modes are accessed by holding the Storm key and pressing F2. Each press while using this button combination will cycle through the available modes. These are Off, Standard (all lights on), Breathing (lights dim and brighten gradually), and Gaming (WASD, arrows, and Function keys only).

  • How do I properly attach the wrist rest?

    The pegs extending from the edge of the wrist rest snap into the underside of the keyboard at roughly a 45 to 90 degree angle. If done properly, it should be a quick connection.

  • Is the Trigger software required to use the keyboard?

    The software is not required to use the Trigger. However, full functionality is only offered through the software interface. This includes programming different profiles and customizing keys.

  • What CHERRY MX Switches will be available with the Trigger launch? Will there be other switch types offered?

    The U.S. and Canada will receive Trigger’s with CHERRY MX Brown switches in the initial launch. Red switches will eventually join Brown as an option, but no ETA currently. Other switch types are being considered.

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