How much better is the V10's performance compared to other coolers of its class?
The V10 was designed in 2007 as a pure air-cooling device. With twin fans, a TEC and 3 heat sink arrays, the V10 has the power to out cool the competition. While other coolers have different performance based on conditions, the V10 offers the best consistent performance overall. The V10 rivals water cooling, and other high performance TEC designs while leaving standard air coolers in the dust.
How can the TEC work?
The TEC will turn on based on the temperature of the thermal sensor located above the CPU heat sink base. The TEC will turn on only when a temperature of 25°C is monitored by the sensor. The hybrid TEC allows economical performance while cooling silently.
Why is the TEC located in the front of the V10 instead of the base?
The TEC is placed in a separate location because it works better. While researching other TEC designs, our engineers discovered a way to effectively reduce TEC overheat build up and eliminate condensation danger around the motherboard and CPU socket at the same time. On a traditional TEC design with the TEC above the CPU base, there will be many conditions where the heat of the hot side of the TEC will be even hotter than the CPU base side and not be dissipated fast enough. In this situation, the TEC has reached maximum transfer of heat. When this happens the TEC can act as a heat insulator, trapping heat between it and the base. The TEC could also transfer heat back through the TEC to the CPU, effectively overheating the CPU. In the V10, heat is transferred from the CPU base to the TEC using 4 copper heat pipes. This allows the heat to be transferred while not allowing waste heat to transfer back to the CPU base. The V10 heat pipes and offset location also prevents condensation around the TEC.
Does the V10 really worth its price?
The V10 is the superior value in cooling for its price. Compared to anything in its class, it significantly outperforms the competition. The V10 is the supercharged cooling engine of any extreme gaming PC. Like an automotive engine, not everyone has a V10 or a V8, but everyone respects its power.
Is the V10 much bigger and heavier than other coolers of its class?
Yes and no. The V10 is 1200g / 2.64lbs, which can be much less heavy than competitive copper designs. With a rugged back plate, the V10 can sit firmly and securely in any system.

Does the V10 have a lot of compatibility issues?
No, our engineers carefully designed the V10 heat sink base to avoid all motherboard circuits. Our copper heat pipes are bent away from critical motherboard and PWM heat sinks. We recommend the HAF 932, Storm Sniper, and ATCS 840 cases for the V10.
Is it much harder to install the V10 than generic size heat sinks?
No. As demonstrated in the installation video below, installing the V10 is not any more difficult than installing a generic size heat sink.