Thermal Electric Cooling is a solid state cooling technology. TEC (also called Peltier) uses electrical current to transfer heat from one side of the plate to the other. The V10 takes best of TEC technology mixed with the ultimate performance air cooling design. With the V10, TEC technology is perfected with our attention to the details:

Previous TEC designs have always fought against unnecessary moisture around the TEC. V10 has no condensation thanks to its integrated hybrid controller and offset location. Intelligent control keeps TEC's inactive and prevents any accumulation of frost. With the V10, No CPU insulation is required for an easy plug-in-play installation.

V10 has the thermal advantage in innovative location of the
TEC. V10 isolates the TEC cold plate in a separate area
apart from the main CPU heat spreader. In this location,
TEC draws heat from the CPU with 4 dedicated 6mm
heat pipes. Heat from the TEC is dissipated by 4 heat
pipes and an individual heat sink array. In a traditional
design, the TEC is sandwiched between the upper CPU
heat spreader base, and the TEC's own hot plate.
The V10's clever location of the TEC prevents the
catastrophic cumulative heat buildup when total heat
is produced faster than it can be dissipated.

While 10 massive heat pipes dissipate heat effectively,
hybrid technology keeps the V10 safe and efficient. From
gaming to word processing, the V10 reconfigures TEC performance on the fly. While browsing the web, a V10
TEC sits in a standby state. In critical heat conditions, the transforms into a super cooling design and increases
power to the TEC. With the TEC kicked in, CPU base temperatures are reduced to minimal levels with the
combined performance. Integral TEC overload protection,
and hybrid modes increases efficiency while ensuring
maximum TEC lifetime.

Control the massive heat output of modern processors with the V10 with hybrid technology. Hybrid technology keeps your V10 running smarter. It turns off when unneeded, but quickly throttles to full power when extreme cooling is required.

250W of cooling power may sound insane, but considering that overheating your prized components is not an option, V10 makes perfect sense. The V10 dominates in sheer numbers: 3 separate heat sink arrays, 10 6mm nickel plated copper heat pipes, and twin 120mm PWM fans, all wrapped in an aggressive engine cowling design.

With advances in engineering, our monster V10 increases overclocking potential by cooling both CPU and high performance memory simultaneously. Our V10 reduces both memory and motherboard IC temperatures for increased stability while supporting most oversized performance memory from DDR to DDR3.

The V10 is a huge leap in technical cooling ability compared to standard air cpu coolers, while offering TEC technology in an all-in-one package.