Multi-Function Expansion
  • Separate area for radiators
  • Extra HDD/SSDs
  • 2nd system *Optional Modular I/O Accessory
  • Whatever you can dream up. The only limitation is your imagination.
Pump & Cable Pass-Through
  • Innovative pump pass-through for AIO install in 915 F/R
  • 5 Data and power cable pass-through holes in the bottom of 915 F/R.
Why Build a 2nd System?
  • Guest computer
  • Home server
  • HTPC
  • Media streaming
  • Steam OS box
  • Home security
  • Alternate gaming rig while rendering video in main system
Build a LAN Box
  • 2nd system while attached for home use and guests
  • Travel-friendly size for gaming on-the-go
Convenient I/O Upgrades
  • Optional accessories available through CM Store for Modular I/O
  • Make a 2nd system
  • Increase high-speed data ports
  • And more
Modular Storage Where You Need It
  • 2 x removable HDD/SSD Combo
  • Compatible with 915F & 915R
  • Place them where they work best for you
High-End Watercooling Support

Up to 2 x 280mm or 2 x 360mm radiators in the 915 F/R in "Rad Box" mode.
Multiple PSU Mounting Locations

Remove the power limits of your high-end hardware.
  • PSU Mounts:
    • 915F Front
    • 915R Rear
  • Main Unit Bottom
  • HAF Stacker 915F
  • Front-to-back airflow from 92mm front fan and VGA
  • Side-to-side airflow from 240mm AIO radiator
  • Main unit blowing from front two fan ports to rear 140mm and VGAs
  • Rear mounted PSU receiving cool air through the top mesh
  • HAF Stacker 915R
  • CPU and rear exhaust fans pull air through the top and both sides
  • Main unit blowing from front two fan ports to rear 140mm and VGAs
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Unique to the HAF Stacker 915F and 915R stacking system, massive home data storage, server, and farming become as easy as adding another unit on a whim. Gone are the garage storage racks with barebones systems set atop their motherboard box. Enter the sleek and stackable 915F and 915R.

With the proper support, stack 915F and/or 915R as high as you need them
  • Highly space efficient footprint
  • Pack one 915 with up to 9 HDD/SSDs* (*with optional accessories)
  • home media / audio streaming
  • HTPC with your favorite retail or open source media server
  • Quest for digital coinage
  • Find cures for common human ailments
  • Build with confidence in the excellent airflow in the 915F and 915R
Will you fight to find cures for diseases, earn virtual currency, digitally connect your home, or host your growing business? The choice is yours.