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Turbine Master
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Turbine Master

Cooler Master Turbine Master 120mm Fans
Inspired by and constructed in the image of a turbine engine, the new Turbine Master brings an unprecedented level of power to Cooler Master’s fan lines. This 120mm fan produce a high air flow with a noise level that fully contradicts the conventional wisdom that more air flow equals a louder fan.

Innovative Design
This Turbine Master fan is built around a highly effective arrangement of 16 fan blades and an efficient and eye-catching semi-frameless design to provide maximum coverage to increase air flow and pressure. This is all accomplished while providing minimal noise that, at most, reaches whisper quiet levels with the 1800RPM Turbine Master Mach 1.8 fan. This design includes a mechanism to allow the easy removal of the fan blades so users can clean the fan in a hassle-free way.

The Turbine Master design utilizes an improved Barometric Ball Bearing (BBB) technology that provides a longer lifespan and contributes to an overall reduction in noise levels.

Turbine Master fans, an extreme air flow solution that universally works with enthusiast builders and casual home theater users alike.
April 24 2012
April 24 2012
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March 22 2012
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November 29 2011
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