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Cosmos II Supports HPTX Motherboards!
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Cosmos II Supports HPTX Motherboards!

That’s right. We’ve checked and the Cosmos II does indeed support the HPTX motherboard size exclusive to EVGA’s behemoth SR line of motherboards. Please see the photo below as proof and there a few caveats we would like to point out for our very high end users that would utilize this board.

Due to the size of HPTX motherboards, we’ve noticed a few things that become minor issues that you should be aware of:

  • Motherboard tray cable management holes become obstructed in many cases so users will have to be a bit more clever with managing cables. It’s extremely helpful if you remove the front hard drive bay.
  • The motherboard tray was not designed with a second CPU socket in mind. Given that, there isn’t a cutout to allow the installation of a CPU cooler backplate.
  • The motherboard is supported by 6 screws that are marked A-D-E-I-L-R-S.
Despite this, we’re excited to say that the Cosmos II does support HPTX motherboards and we can’t wait to see what creative builds come out of the community in the future. It is our hope that you love this Cosmos as much as you adored its predecessor.
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