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  Real Power Pro Series
June 2008 - July 2008

Today's Game, Today's Power

You've got the graphics, the speed, the games and most importantly you've got the skills. But in order to effecctively conquer your opponent you must appropriately power your system. And this means distributing power accordingly with Cooler Master's Real Power Pro Series. Featuring multiple rails to support multi-GPU systems, the Real Power Pro Series provides enough power for not one, but all your components and gaming needs. With today's games, you need today's power.

Real Power Pro Series

The multi 12V rails of Real Power Pro Series have been designed and SLI certied to support multi-GPU applications. Unlike the single 12V rails, Real Power Pro's 6 x 12v rails design equally distribute power so none of your components experience a struggle or loss of power.

Feburary 2008 - May 2008

The Evolution of Performance

Have you ever wondered how it will be possible for the performance of your system to evolve alongside technology and game advancements? Well, in 2007, Maximum PC magazine name Cooler Master's Cosmos chassis the dream machine of the year. Now the engineers at Cooler Master have taken the key ingredients of the top notch case and combined it with aero-dynamic curves, tough definition, and a sleek, stylish finish. With added features such as a touch-sensitive power button and 10 functional bays, this all-aluminum chassis shows how performance already has evolved.

  Aquagate S1 and Hydra 8800
January 2008

Cooling Power Under Any Circumstance...
Liquid Engineering

Hot temperatures have met their match with the new Aquagate S1 and the new Hydra 8800 water coolers from Cooler Master. Sleek integrative design, easy to follow installation, and the first liquid and air cooling system. Perfect for hardcore gaming and serious computer building. Liquid engineering at its finest.

  Real Power Pro Series
June 2007 - Novemeber 2007

Head Turning Power

Feel the power of your operating software like you've never felt before. Superior quality meets hardcore power. Cooler Master introduces its Real Power Pro Series-- Real Power that never runs out of gas.

  CM 690
September 2007 - October 2007

Are You Game?

Would you dare walk into a battlefield unshielded, unarmed, and worst of all uncertain? Of course not! And gaming is no exception. Storm into combat confidently by gearing yourself with the best weapon of all, the SLi Certified, CM 690.

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