Hyper Z600R
RR-600-LBU1-GP (Discontinued)

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Hyper Z600R is designed for both active and passive cooling. Superior cooling performance is provided by the unique X design and 6 copper heat pipes. The Hyper Z600R is designed to cool the latest Quad-core processors even without a fan in 0dBA silent mode. In active mode, the Hyper Z600R accommodates up to 2 fans for enhanced performance in overclocking and gaming.

89W Passive Cooling Solution
Real 0 dBA cooling solution for silent operation

We recommend that CPUs with a TDP of less than 89W to run without using additional fans

If you are running the cooler without a fan, we recommend that case fan be isntalled at the back
Superior Cooling Performance
The interlaced fins maximizes the dissipation surface to provide superior cooling performance Unique "X" design creates lower back pressure to make air pass through heatsink quickly and guide more air pass through the heatsink
Mirror-coated copper base and 6 heat pipes Optimum fin space allows air pass through heat sink quickly
Mirror-coated copper base ensures 100% contact with the processor to maximize the heat conduction. It could draw heat from CPU to the heat pipes immediately

6 heat pipes transmit and spread heat over all the fins rapidly
Optional Fan for Advanced Cooling Performance

120mm fan brackets are designed specifically for the performance PC enthusiast who needs huge airflow
Universal Design
- Intel Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, etc.

- AMD Phenom, Athlon 64x2, Athlon X2, AMD Sempron, etc.


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