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The stunning new JAS PRO display stand turns your MacBook into an art exhibit that showcases its striking features. It also affords you with an ergonomic view that is enabled by utilizing the various available screen height settings of JAS Pro to help improve your posture while seated. The intelligent JAS PRO design ensures that the bottom of the MacBook is exposed to full air circulation to assist in keeping vital system components cool. The high quality aluminum finish and compact travel design makes the JAS PRO a perfect companion for your MacBook.
Foldable, Portable, Easy to Carry Anywhere

The JAS PRO has an easy to fold,lightweight design allowing you to put it into your MacBook or tablet bag.
Optimal Viewing / Usage Angles

The easy to adjust dial wheel system finds the perfect, ergonomic angle – No matter how tall you are.
Simple yet Luxurious

The JAS PRO combines a simple designwith high quality aluminum. This aluminum is sandblasted to a fine finishwith rounded edge. It is polished and rigid. If you actually feel it you will be stunning by its quality.
Scratch-Free Design

Scratches won’t be a problem anymore. Whether you’re using Macbook or tablet in any situation at any angle, the rubber lining protects them safely in place and won’t cause damage due to its high precision engineered structure.


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