NotePal U2 Plus

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Built to provide fully adjustable cooling the moment you need it, U2 Plus is the ideal solution for targeted cooling of laptop hot zones. To facilitate this, patented quick release fans can be moved and mounted again with very little effort. Doubling as a case for travel, U2 Plus can store a laptop in its underside which is secured by an included Elastic Safety Belt. For the most universally compatible and compact design, there is no better solution than the U2 Plus or the U Series.

Full Adjustable Cooling

U2 Plus, and the U Series, offers patented quick release fans that make customizing the U2 Plus airflow layout as simple as a squeeze and click. With this simple method users can target hot zones on their laptop and maximize cooling potential.
  Easy Cable Management

Two built-in cable management loops mean no more fiddling about trying to find somewhere to hide that tangled mess of cables that comes from using your laptop with multiple peripherals.
Ergonomic Design

Neck, Wrist, and other pains are often common affects of using a laptop at inappropriate angles. U2 Plus helps elevate your laptop to a more appropriate viewing / typing angle to help alleviate these pains.
  Ready-to-Go When You Are

The included Elastic Safety Belt holds your laptop and U2 Plus firmly together while the high-grade aluminum base and feet help minimize scratches and scuffs that your laptop may incur during travel.


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