CM Storm Pulse-R

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CM Storm Pulse-R

Pulse-R is an aluminum plated gaming headset designed for those who demand the best audio experience in a customizable package. High quality 42mm drivers ensure that the very best sounds are heard. Whether they are footsteps, explosions, or alerts, Pulse-R enables you to hear how the game truly sounds. Complementing Pulse-R's incredible sound quality is the unique ability to remove and customize the aluminum ear plates. Modify them to display your favorite color, game, eSports team, or even your own logo.


42mm drivers deliver clear highs and powerful bass in all range of tones, immersing you in the action for a perfected gaming audio experience.


Be the first to have a gaming headset tailored exactly to your personal style with Pulse-R's unique customizable ear plates. *Forged of highly durable aluminum, these plates are removable, allowing you to modify them as shown in the example to the right. Pulse-R is the ultimate headset for gaming teams and eSports fanatics.


White LED illuminated grooves under the ear plates and tip of microphone provide an immersive gaming ambiance. Plug in the USB cable for power and indulge your sense of vision with the stylish glow that Pulse-R emits.


Reinforced cushioned earcups and headband provide enhanced comfort and noise cancellation for extended periods of use. Lightweight and adjustable, the aluminum headband helps you steer away from distractions and focus on winning.

Product Features

  • Custom 42mm drivers deliver excellent gaming audio quality
  • Easily removable aluminum ear plates allow unlimited customization
  • USB powered white LED lighting underneath ear plates and on microphone
  • Soft, padded ear cups and headband for enhanced sound isolation and comfort
  • Detachable microphone with noise cancelling system for clear communication
  • Inline remote for easy volume control and microphone muting
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  • Powerful Bass
  • Clear Highs
  • Excellent Sound
  • 9.8 ft Cable
  • 3.5 mm Microphone and Audio Connectors
  • USB Connector to Power LED Lighting
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  • Closed-Back Design
  • Enhanced Noise Isolation
  • Minimal Sound Escape
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Parts and Product Replacement
  • Free Technical Support


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