NotePal U3 Plus

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Constructed from lightweight aluminum, NotePal U3 Plus dissipates heat extremely efficiently. This is true even in passive cooling mode without its included fans installed. Its perforated surface assists in providing plenty of access to cool air to combat laptop heat. NotePal U3 Plus is elevated in an ergonomic position to allow for comfortable typing and viewing angles. For the traveler within, on-the-go users will enjoy the fact that the NotePal U3 Plus includes carrying case functionality.


Patent Moveable Cooling Fans

Three patented quick release fans can be adjusted to your specific laptops layout, target and eliminate your laptop's heat zones
Slim and Lightweight

NotePal U3 Plus is made from a lightweight aluminum material that has been hairline to a smooth surface. It's clean, elegant and will fit in wherever you put it.
No More Messy Wires

Wrap excess cables around two built-in cable management loops. Now your desk looks neat and clean.
Transforms Into a Laptop Carry Case

Carry and protect your laptop in the NotePal U3 Plus with the included safety belt.


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