Nepton 140XL

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Introducing the Nepton 140XL, the latest All-in-One CPU water cooling system that aims to bring heat dissipation to the next level with a CM exclusive designed pump and highly effective waterblock. The Nepton also includes robust and extra thick FEB tubing to prevent moisture absorption while maintaining sufficient water flow for performance cooling. In addition, dual JetFlo 140 fans and a large 140mm radiator provide substantial cooling power, which enables users to overclock their CPU and maximize performance.
High Performance Radiator

The 140mm radiator includes a push-pull system to provide highly effective cooling and thermal dissipation. The Nepton radiator also includes compatibility for 140mm or 120mm fans for added customization.
CM Designed Pump

The CM designed pump and waterblock ensures the best water flow and system performance.
Robust & Extra Thick FEP Tubing

Robust & extra thick FEP tubing is strong and durable. FEP tubing also prevents moisture absorption.
     New UltraFine Microchannel

Designed for the best water flow and to draw maximum amount of heat away from the cold plate through the coolant.
JetFlo Fan Compatibility

The Nepton 140XL is equipped with dual JetFlo 140mm fans which create powerful airflow and pressure while minimizing vibration and noise through the included rubber pads. In addition, the radiator is also backwards compatible with all 120mm fans for total customization.
Illuminated Waterblock

Unique white LED lights up on the waterblock lens.


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