CM Stacker 830 Evo
RC-830 (Discontinued)

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CM Stacker 830 has proven to be the leader among all chassis with its streamlined aluminum design, extremely powerful functionality, and brilliant modularized mechanism to support both ATX/BTX form factors. Now, CM Stacker 830 Evolution, the newer and improved Stacker series not only is equipped with all the highly praised features from its predecessor,, but also incorporates the support for the new Raptor X technology. In addition, enhanced airflow design and extra support for 230mm EPS power supply make Stacker 830 Evolution a must-have every PC Enthusiast wants to lay their hands on. This ground-breaking chassis is designed with value-added functionality, unmatched upgradeability, tool-free user friendliness, and the superior thermal management.
Value-added Functionalities
- Front panel opens to the left or to the right for easy access
- Power supply may be installed up wards or downwards for better airflow and neat cable manager
Unmatchable Upgrade Ability
- Multi-Positioning for the 4-in-3 device modules, providing maximum flexibility in the use of space
Tool-free user-friendliness
- Screwless slots
- Exclusive fan frame design provides easy screwless assembly
- Side-opening design for remove 5.25” shield easily
Superior Airflow
- Accommodates up to nine 120mm fans
- High ventilation openings on the top and the sides for excellent thermal management
Innovative Style
- The match of silver and black colors enrich the whole appearance
- Solid construction and streamlined aluminum design


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