Excalibur (R4-EXBB-20PK-R0)

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Excalibur, as the name suggests, is inspired by the legendary sword of King Arthur from the middle ages. The nine massive sword-shaped blades are designed to produce exceptionally high air pressure, which fortify the cooling efficiency when used in dense water cooling radiators or performance heatsinks.

This is the first fan from Cooler Master to adopt Barometric Ball Bearing (BBB) technology.

  • The innovative Barometric Ball Bearing technology provides longer life span while remaining lower noise level.
  • Removable blades for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Nine massive sword-shaped blades generate outstanding high air pressure with balanced airflow.
  • Triangular blade tips reduce turbulence at fan edges and decrease wind shear noise while keeping maximum sweeping area.
  • 3-piece frame with metal rim provides robust structure.
  • Honeycomb ventilation meshed frame:
    - Low speed operation works as a secondary intake to increase airflow.
    - High speed operation helps to reduce noise by releasing excessive turbulence and vibration.
  • PWM function for total performance solution at high and low speed operation.


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