R9-NBS-ARCW-GP (White); R9-NBS-ARCK-GP (Black)

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The perfect single and elegant solution that holds your MacBook Pro or iPad. It allows for multiple positions for hands-free use and display. A visually alluring piece of functional art, ROC MacBook Pro and iPad stand holds each device in a space-saving vertical orientation that also showcases the beauty of your MacBook Pro or iPad.

Turn Your Laptop Into A Desktop

Turn your MacBook Pro into a desktop computer! The sturdy ROC holds your MacBook Pro verticallyresulting in a clean, clutter-free desk with easy cable management. It comes in both white and black colors to match your Apple product.
Non-Slip Rubber Padding Holds Your MacBook

The ROC stand securely holds and displays any of your Apple devices, including the MacBook Pro, iPad Stand and even iPhone.
Smooth, Curved, Symmetrical Design

No rough, sharp edges here. ROC has been engineered to be pleasant and simple to use. It’s aesthetically pleasing and beautiful design will be at home on any desk. Also, UV coated surface will remain scratch free.
Use Your iPad in Portrait or Landscape Mode

Want to watch movies on your iPad without having to hold it up by hand? ROC has a cross-slit design which makes holding these devices easy in both portrait and landscape mode.


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