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Hyper N520 supports Intel Core i7 (LGA 1366) and the mirror finished copper base guarantees perfect contact between CPU and cooler.



Supports Intel Sandy Bridge 1155

    Universal Design
  • Intel LGA 1155, LGA775, LGA1366, LGA1156 *
  • AMD (AM2/AM2+/AM3)
* Supplied accessories may differ by country or area. Please check with your local distributor for further details.
    Optimum Air Flow
  • Distinct appearance with dual fan bracket
  • Unique dual fan cooling design ensures cool air acceleratesstraight through the heatsink
    Superior Cooling Performance
  • Mirror finished copper base guarantees perfect contactbetween CPU and cooler
  • 5 heat pipes optimize heat transfer

Pure Copper Base & Heat Pipes

Pure Copper Base provides excellent cooling performance with 5 Heat Pipes to maximize heat transfer

Aluminum Fins, Dual Fan & Unique Adapter

Dual Fan o for air flow through heatsink with Wide Surface Aluminum Fin Design to improve heat dissipation; comes with a 2 to 1 PlugAdapter for easy installation


Model RR-920-N520-GP
CPU Socket Supports Intel Sandy Bridge 1155

Supports Core i7 with socket LGA 1366

Intel Socket (LGA1366 /LGA1156 / LGA775) *

AMD Socket (AM3 / AM2+ / AM2)
CPU Support Intel
Corei7 / Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Quad / Core 2 Duo / Pentium 4 / Pentium D / Celeron / Celeron D

Phenom X4 Quad Core / Phenom X3 Triple Core / Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64 / Sempron
Dimension 122.35 x 102.5 x 141 mm
Weight 1.52 lbs
Heat Sink Dimensions 115 x 62.3 x 141 mm
Heat Sink Material Cu base, Al fin, 5 heatpipes
Heat Pipes Dimensions 6 mm
Fan Dimension 92 x 92 x 25 mm
Fan Speed 1800 R.P.M.
Fan Airflow 43.8 CFM (Total)
Fan Air Pressure 3.24 mmH2O (Total)
Bearing Type Sleeve
Fan Life Expectancy 70,000 hours
Fan Noise Level (dB-A) 19 dBA
Connector 3-pin
UPC Code 884102002885
Notice * Supplied accessories may differ by country or area. Please check with your local distributor for further details.
Disclaimer: Images are for informative purposes only; displayed parts and accessories may not be included in the actual product package.

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Modders-inc: Recommended Hardware : July 2009

"For a whopping $34.99 USD price, the Cooler Master Hyper N520 doesn't disappoint. The Hyper N520 gave us an average 20C lower load temp across the board when compared to the stock Intel cooler."

» Details : June 2009

"When it was all said and done and the fat lady had not only sung but left the building we were left with one heck of a good opinion of the Cooler Master N520. Actually, “good opinion” doesn't cover it, we LIKE this thing...we like it a LOT."

» Details : May 2009

"Cooler Master Hyper N520 looks very interesting to say the least of it."

» Details : April 2009

"The Hyper N520 is not a flashy and in your face heatsink, but rather a workhorse that gets the job done. Dual 92mm fans ensure good airflow without generating a lot of noise and whisking away the heat carried through the five heatpipes. "

» Details : April 2009

"Ultimately the Coolermaster Hyper N520 heatsink proves itself to be a good mainstream CPU heatsink on both Intel and AMD thermal test platforms."

» Details

Proclockers: Highly Recommended : April 2009

Coolermaster considered the N520 to be their budget cooler. At $49 is not cheap from some people's point-of-view. But if you are a gamer, overclocker or an enthusiast you will know that $49 is not a lot of money when it comes to cooling an overclocked processor like ours. And $49 is not a lot of money when you can compete with some of the best coolers on the market which can cost upwards of $60 without fans. I would be happy to fork out this price for this cooler.

» Details : April 2009

At the start of the review I was anxious to see how well the Cooler Master Hyper N520 CPU cooler would perform. The offset 92mm fans on a more compact heatpipe tower seemed like an interesting concept that could bring high end cooling into tighter spaces.

» Details

Overclockercafe: Recommended : March 2009

"Cooler Master has made a decent showing with their new Hyper N520.  In decibel for decibel testing its two 92mm fans outperformed the single 120mm unit of the Enzotech by a consistent margin."

» Details

Hardwarelogic: 91 : February 2009

"Overall this Cooler Master Hyper N520 is a top notch product. It doesn't look bad, isn't too noisy, and most importantly it gets the job done cooling the CPU. Cooler Master usually puts out solid products and the Hyper N520 is no different. And to top it off, including brackets for the new LGA1366 sockets will allow enthusiasts to use this on their new Core i7 setups, whether they have already upgraded or if they are planning an upgrade in the future."

» Details : February 2009

"The Cooler Master Hyper N520 can only be described as an exceptional budget cooler. Its unique offset dual fan design seems to have paid off. It would be a great heatsink for a mild to moderate overclock."

» Details : January 2009

"...the performance was top notch for a 92mm heatsink, outperforming bigger heatsinks. The price is also much lower than other heatsinks with similar performance..."

» Details : January 2009

"Cooler Master has another great cooler in their lineup and I look forward to the performance of their Hyper N620 as well......As it is right now, the Hyper N520 is a great budget cooler for an average user looking for something much quieter than their stock fan that is easy to install and performs a fair amount better.  I see this cooler going up against the old standby Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro and the variety of budget 92mm coolers from Xigmatek.  One advantage the Hyper N520 has over its competitors is the included LGA 1366 bracket."

» Details


Name Type Release Date Description
Hyper N520 Product Sheet 2008.12.18 Product sheet for Hyper N520 CPU cooler


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