Centurion 541 w/ 400W PSU
RC-541-SKRJ-GP (Discontinued)

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> Smart mechanical and tool-free design for easy installation
> Superior cooling performance with one front 12 cm fan and dual rear 8 cm fans
> Meshed front panel and side venting holes for enhanced airflow
> Front I/O panel for easy access
> Durable and sturdy construction

Model RC-541-SKRJ-GP
Available Color Black
Dimension 16.54 x 7.10 x 15.35 (L x W x H)
Material Aluminum bezel, SECC chassis
Motherboards m-ATX 9.6”* 9.6” ( 244*244mm)
5.25" Drive Bay 2 (Exposed)
3.5" Drive Bay 2 (Exposed); 2 (Hidden)
I/O Panel USB2.0 x 2; MIC x 1; SPK x 1
Cooling System One 120x120x25mm front fan, 1200 rpm, 22dBA ( Intake) (Optional), Dual 80x80x25mm rear fan 1800 rpm, 22dBA ( Exhaust )(optional)
Expansion Slots 4
Power Supply 400W PSU
Warranty 2 years