NotePal X2

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With efficient functions and superb silent concept in mind, the NotePal X2 creates optimal comfort for laptop users. Either on a desk or on the lap of an on-the-go user, the NotePal X2 takes air from a bottom intake and cools down high temperatures with its 140mm silent fans, dissipating the high temperatures generated by the CPU and GPU trapped inside the laptop housing.

  • Ergonomic Design
    Two different height settings for improved comfort.
  • Special Heat Dissipation
    Specially designed bottom intake and thermally enhanced metal mesh allow for fast and efficient dissipation.
  • Optimal Airflow
    Built-in silent 140mm fan placed in strategic location creates optimal airflow for comprehensive cooling.
  • Accommodates up to 17” notebooks.
  • Fan speed control.
  • Blue Led
    Blue LED shines through the center mesh when notebook cooler is powered on.

Special design of intake at the bottom with super silent fan

Large metal mesh surface for great cooling performance

Two different height settings

Ergonomic design offers best comfort

Fan speed control

Model R9-NBC-4WAK-GP
Dimension 375 x 290 x 42mm; 14.76 x 11.42 x 1.7 inches
Fan Dimension 140 x 140 x 15mm
Fan Speed 700 ~ 1400 RPM
Fan Airflow 23 ~ 44 CFM
Fan Noise Level (dB-A) 15 dBA (Min.)
Weight 900g ; 1.98lbs
USB Port USB 2.0 / 1.1 x 2 (input x1; output x1)
Rated Voltage 5V DC
Material Plastic and Metal Mesh
Bearing Type Rifle
Fan Life Expectancy 40,000 hours
Cable Length 600mm, 11.8 inches
Compatibility Support 12” - 15.4” notebook and up to 17”
UPC Code 884102005527
    • Click logo to read full review: : January 2010

      "The NotePal X2 has best value for those who need an active cooler to travel, or those with smaller notebooks. The performance is decent considering the size of the central fan and the design of the case."

      » Details : December 2009

      "One of the best things about this cooler, is that you don’t have to use the built in fan to get better cooling performance. Which can come in handy when you need your battery most. The LEDs of the unit would seem like a drain on the battery, however if you think about it, most laptops have at least a few sets of LEDs for things such as power, wireless, and activity."

      » Details
      Bigbruin:  Highly Recommended : December 2009

      "This is a product I would definitely recommend to anyone who owns a laptop. Keeping a laptop cool should extend its usable life, and the extra ergonomic features really makes this a must have, as I can say it’s the most comfortable I have ever been while using my laptop."

      » Details
      Modders-inc: Recommended Hardware : October 2009

      "Overall we had an improvement at each of the different configurations......On the load side we achieved a 5 [degree] maximum drop on the CPU side and a maximum drop of 6 [degree] on the hard drive sensor"

      » Details  10/10 : September 2009

      "Cooler Master continues to better its products, the X2 being one of example. Not only does it do a great job reducing temperatures, both in idle and under heavy loads, but it also expands to cover those widescreen notebooks (one of the few previous complaints). Plus, it excels in an area most previous thought useless by including a blue LED and a slick black facade."

      » Details
      Overclockercafe: Recommended : August 2009

      "Cooler Master continues to show the hardware community its ability to think outside the box for both aesthetic design and practical function.  Different products obviously cater to different audiences as we see is the case with the Cooler Master X2 and Cooler Master U2 NotePal laptop coolers.  These two units continue a rich tradition of quality and value we have grown accustomed to seeing from Cooler Master."

      » Details
      Pro-Clockers Editors Choice : July 2009

      "I am not going to say that the Coolermaster NotePal was the best laptop cooling surface we have ever tested, but it is still our favorite. In the case of notebook cooling, it isn't all about how low the cooler can get your CPU. It's also how comfortable it feels while in use, and the X2 was the most comfortable of them all. After about five minutes of use, you will not even know it is there."

      » Details

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