NotePal X-Slim

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NotePal X-Slim, a lightweight and simple laptop cooling pad for the classic NotePal X family. X-Slim is the ideal companion for 7"~17" laptops. The ultra slim and lightweight design is made for easy carrying and storage, two height settings for ergonomic operation, fully meshed surface plus 160mm silent fan provides excellent cooling performance.

- Classic X design, slim and lightweight for easy charring.
- Silent 160mm fan with great cooling performance.
- Two height settings for the ideal viewing/typing angle.
- Full range metal mesh for superior airflow.
- Cable grooves for easy USB cable management.
- Powered by USB port extender.
- Supports up to 17" laptops.

Color Black
Material Plastics, Metal mesh, Rubber,
Weight 1.54 lbs / 0.7 Kg
Dimension 380 x 270 x 27.5~46 mm
Fan Dimension 160 x 15 mm fan
Fan Speed 1400 +- 15% R.P.M.
Fan Speed Adjustment Single Speed
Fan Airflow 70 CFM
Fan Noise Level (dB-A) 21 dBA
Power USB 5V DC
USB USB 2.0/1.1 x1 (For Power Input)
Power consumption 0.38A, 1.9W
Compatibility Supports up to 17” laptops
UPC Code 884102011504
    • Click logo to read full review: Recommended : October 2011

      "The cooling performance packed into the Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim is pretty impressive......The Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim can be had for around $18, so it's definitely going to be easy on one's credit card. Overall, it's definitely a great bang-for-the-buck cooler in its category. "

      » Details  Must Have Best Value : September 2011

      "The X-Slim gives limited optons, but fully delivers in cooling any notebook.  For the cost of an imported 12-pack, why not save your wrists and enjoy a much cooler laptop?"

      » Details Silver Silicon Award : August 2011

      "The Cooler Master X-Slim is a good lightweight design for a laptop cooler, which will help if you decide to take it with you on the go. The support for any laptop up to 17? makes this a very versatile cooling option. With the two height settings and the USB pass-through, Cooler Master has tried to squeeze every feature possible into this thin cooler."

      » Details  Silver Bear Award : July 2011

      "The Cooler Master X-SLIM Laptop Cooler works as advertised and does it without extra frills or unnecessary weight. For it's value and quality, it earns the Bjorn3D Silver Bear Award"

      » Details : July 2011

      "I got the chance to check out the Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Laptop Cooler recently my overall impression was: It is all it claims to be."

      » Details  10/10 : July 2011

      "The great part about the X-Slim is by far the slimmest laptop coolers around which is very well thought through, honestly I don't even mind picking up a few more of these for my family, friends, and co-workers with a price tag of only $19.99 at local retailers and popular ecommerce sites."

      » Details Crowned Product Award : July 2011

      "Overall, the X-Slim strikes a great balance between, size, portability, raw cooling performance, and weight.  It's large enough to comfortably accommodate 17-inch laptops, light and slim enough to ride alongside your notebook wherever you take it without you noticing it's t here, and "airy" enough to work great as a silent passive cooling solution. "

      » Details  Best Value : July 2011

      "We would highly recommend picking up the new Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim. The X-Slim was able to lower our overall operating temperatures as much as 8�. That is not bad from a sub $20 cooler."

      » Details 8/10 : July 2011

      "I liked the X-style of this cooler, the feel of it, and enjoyed how light the whole thing was.  However, what most impressed me was how quiet the fan is.  I like cooling products that I can’t even tell I am using, and the Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim certainly fits the order. "

      » Details  Gold : July 2011

      "For $20, the Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Silent Notebook Cooling Pad isn't something to pass up if you're in the market for a budget cooler."

      » Details KICKASS Gamemans Choice : July 2011

      "The Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim Laptop Cooler is a great way to cool down just about any laptop up to 17". It's lightweight and thin, silent 160mm fan, sweet looking and is affordable. If you need to keep your laptop cool, this might be the product for you."

      » Details  Great Value : July 2011

      "Frankly, we think this is a steal for what you get here......If you don't need many bells and whistles for your notebook cooler, and just want something simple, solid, and cost effective, then the Cooler Master Notepal X-SLIM is an excellent option. "

      » Details

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