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Dominate the competition and strike fear in your foes with the latest CM Storm Tech - The Sentinel Advance.

This technological marvel utilizes the latest innovations in cutting-edge technology: 5600 DPI twin laser, rapid fire mode, internal Sentinel-X™ memory and our patented security, Storm Guard™; The Sentinel Advance is designed for one purpose and one purpose only - to search and destroy.Overpower your enemies with speed and precision beyond their imagination. Conquest is at your fingertips - Sentinel Advance.


** For MAC OS, Sentinel Advance will function, but Windows emulations mode is required for its software application to function properly.
Model SGM-6000-KLLW1-GP
Available Color Black and Gray
Material Rubber Grip / ABS Plastic / Mesh Bezel / Metal Plate
Dimension (W) 3.3 X (H) 5.3 X (D) 1.6 inch
(W) 83.5 X (H) 135 X (D) 40 mm
Weight 161.5 g / 0.356 lb
Sensor 5600 DPI Storm Tactical™ Twin-laser Sensor
X&Y Axis Configuration Independent and programmable
Maximum Tracking Speed 6.00 m/s 235 IPS
Maximum Acceleration 50g
Polling Time 1.0ms
Speed Measurement Real-time
Dynamic Surface Adaptation Tracks on most surfaces, ensures minimal lift-off distance
Onboard Memory 64Kb
Form Factor Right Hand Ergonomic
Button Assignment 8
Illumination IC controlled Illumination with 7 colors and variable lighting effects
DPI Display OLED
Weight System Yes, 4.5g X 5 pcs
UPC Code 884102006159
Disclaimer: Images are for informative purposes only; displayed parts and accessories may not be included in the actual product package.

Click a thumbnail below to view a larger image. : February 2011

"All in All after many hours of testing. We are proud to say that this is one amazing mouse. We recommend you look into picking this mouse up when in the market for gaming mice."

» Details : August 2010

"Taking our findings into account, it is very easy to see who the winner of this showdown is.  The Cooler Master Sentinel Advanced Gaming Mouse can't be beat in terms of pricing and options......Congratulations goes to Cooler Master and the Sentinel for winning this, our first gaming mouse showdown!"

» Details : March 2010

"[Sentinel Advance] looks really awesome, its form is very comfortable (so is the button placement), it has a great sensor and a very feature rich software."

» Details : March 2010

"I have been relying on this mouse exclusively for months (yes, my testing takes place during a long period), and I haven’t uncovered any issues in terms of sensitivity, precision or overall game performance."

» Details

Tweaknews: Top Rank Award : February 2010

"It's easy to sum up the CM Storm Sentinel Advance. It's simply one of the best gaming mice on the market today, if not THE best."

» Details

Hi-techreviews - Editors Choice : February 2010

"The CS Storm Sentinel Advance has to be one of the fullest featured mice we have ever reviewed.  The mouse by itself is nice and well laid out , but it is the software that brings it clearly over the top of the chart.  This product can be setup for everyone's liking and it will server them well once they have the way they want it."

» Details 10/10 : February 2010

"Definitely a must have for any hard core gamers. This mouse has every feature you can possibly want! Our experience with Sentinel Advance has been a pleasant one as it has many options for a player. If you are in to FPS you should definitely try Sentinel Advance as it has a lot to offer to a gamer."

» Details Silent 4 of 5 : January 2010

"Cooler Master has created a mouse that is truly intended for the gaming community and added huge amounts of style plus tons of customizations to make it like no other mouse in this market. Cooler Master has taken a radial direction with using the Philips laser for the medical field to beef up an extremely accurate mouse."

» Details Editors Choice 2009 : January 2010

"The Cooler Master Sentinel Advance mouse is the best gaming mouse on the market today with eight programmable buttons, five profiles that can be set for different games, a solid feel and look and the features that you want from a gaming mouse including up to 5600 DPI precision on two lasers that allow great control of your gaming."

» Details

HardwareSecrets: Golden Award : November 2009

"Overall we were very excited about such an excellent gaming mouse coming from a first timer as Cooler Master. Let other future models come."

» Details

Hardwarecanucks: Dam Good

Hardwarecanucks: Dam Innovative : November 2009

"For its kick ass performance, its flexibility and its good ergonomics we feel fully justified in giving our highest accolade: the Dam Good Award. As for its amazing and useful implementation of technology (the OLED screen and properly implemented onboard memory) we also feel justified in saying it is pretty Dam Innovative as well. Congratulations Cooler Master for getting it so right the first time out."

» Details

Modders-inc - Editors Choice : November 2009

"From the multiple lighting aspect,  custom changeable DPI, OLED icon creation, Macro's, Scripts and five different profiles to save to you will have your hands full for weeks just trying everything out. In short the options available with the Sentinel Advance are pure awesome......I'm 99% sure you'll love it. If not go try one out and see what you think."

» Details Editors Choice : November 2009

"The Sentinel Advanced Gaming Mouse is a great gaming mouse that sells for about $70. If you need a good gaming mouse with extra little features to set it apart from the other products available, the Sentinel Advanced Gaming Mouse may be just what you are looking for."

» Details

Bjorn3d: Seal of Approval : October 2009

The Cooler Master Sentinel is a great entry for Cooler Master into the peripheral market. The mouse also lives up to the other products in the Storm series, which is saying a lot. The mouse has a nice comfortable feel to it.


The option to make the LED's on the mouse different colors is nice, and there is sure to be a color that pleases everyone. The ability for a clan logo is also nice, as it adds a bit of customization to the mouse. The on the fly DPI switching is nothing new, and more of a given for a higher end mouse such as this one. What many of you are probably wondering about is the scrool wheel. While the "clicks" are not as definite as on the MX-518, you deffinatly know when you have went over a notch. To me this is a plus, because otherwise i fumble around with switching weapons in a gane like GTA4.

» Details Editors Choice

Alienbabeltech: Recommended : October 2009

"There is no other way to say it except that I think the CM Storm Sentinel Advance is the best gaming mouse on the market. Others may come close but none will beat it. The Sentinel Advance is a solid and well thought-out product that really does arm the gamer for a wonderful gaming experience."

» Details

Techarkade: Golden Ghost Award : October 2009

"The Cooler Master Storm Sentinel mouse has definitely proven itself 100% to hold up to the Storm name that Cooler Master has worked extremely hard to build and hype up."

» Details Must Have Editors Choice : October 2009

"The best mouse I have used to date!  Completely programmable, a ton of features and a very competitive price.  Aside from LED's, and OLED screen and 5600 DPI, what more can a gamer need?"

» Details Editors Choice : October 2009

"For a first delve into gaming peripherals, the Sentinel Advance hits a lot of high notes......Cooler Master and their team at CM Storm have done their homework and have released one heck of a mouse in the Sentinel Advance."

» Details

PCWizKid: Recommended : September 2009

"Without a doubt, Cooler Master has spared no expense in adding every possible feature and option a gamer could ask for in a gaming mouse.  The truly advanced with the scripting and macro support this first attempt from Cooler Master to take control of the gaming peripheral market has been a hit.  I must say that Razer needs to watch out!"

» Details

OCC Gold : September 2009

"Upon first reading the specifications on the box I knew there and then that this mouse was truly superior to the Logitech G5......the price is only $69 and for only $69, this mouse packs a load of features that you might not find in competing brands."

» Details Editors Choice : September 2009

"The result is one of the most polished mice I’ve seen from a company who is new to the gaming peripheral space. The look and feel of this mouse make it a perfect candidate to replace my admittedly failing Logitech MX1000."

» Details


"Overall I would have to say that the CM STORM Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse is a great mouse......The software was easy to install and set-up was so straightforward I rarely needed to check out the manual.  The settings are great in game when you can change the dpi instantly."

» Details

Techgage - 8 Rating : September 2009

"What it comes down to is this. If you're a hardcore gamer, then this mouse isn't going to be a bad choice, for very obvious reasons......All I can say is that after using it, I'd have no problem using it for all my gaming needs."

» Details

Overclockercafe - Editors Choice : September 2009

"In the end, Cooler Master has a winner in all aspects with the Sentinel Gaming Mouse.  This is a must have piece of hardware for any gamer out there.  The Cooler Master Sentinel Mouse is one of those products that comes along every so often that you will absolutely love and never regret."

» Details : September 2009

"Gaming groups/clans/guilds will all be able to take their logos and slap them on their mice for competition. It'll reach out to any gamer that wants some individuality in their setup. This mouse is definitely one to beat. All companies should take note of what the Storm Sentinel has done for personal customization."

» Details

Hightechhardeware editors choice. : September 2009

"I personally think that CoolerMaster has hit this one out of the park with the Sentinel. I really like this mouse. It fits my hands better than any mouse in a long time. The performance of the mouse it top notch and the twin laser sensor works well. Having the ability to adjust the X & Y axis on the fly has a huge impact on gaming, depending on what your role is at the time."

» Details 93 : September 2009

"Overall, Cooler Master did a great job all-around on the Sentinel Advance. All 8 buttons being programmable and up to 5 total profiles, this rodent has a wide variety of customization.  On top of that, the setting are saved within the mouse itself since Cooler Master included a 64kb microprocessor. Macros, scripts and LEDs OH MY. Did we mention the 5600DPI? Wow."

» Details 9/10 Silver Award : September 2009

"In my opinion the Sentinel is bar none the best value in gaming mice right now. It may not be perfect but it makes up for it with great features and a competitive price."

» Details Golden Tachometer : September 2009

"If the appearance of the Sentinel Advance is outstanding, the functionality of this gaming mouse really takes the cake. The 8 programmable buttons would make it a formidable mouse alone, but the GUI that comes with the Sentinel Advance really sets the bar for gaming mouse functionality."

» Details Editors Choice : September 2009

"Overall The Cooler Master Sentinel will get you in the game, keep you there, and quite possibly assist in making you the fragmeister you have always yearned to be."

» Details : September 2009

"You would never know that the Sentinel Advance was CM Storm's first gaming mouse. The quality and precision of this mouse is incredible and CM Storm has a real contender here capable of going toe-to-toe with any other gaming mouse on the market."

» Details

GeekSmack: Editors Choice : September 2009

"This mouse has exceeded all of my expectations, and it is the perfect fit for hardcore gamers out there, as well as to mainstream users. If you're a graphics designer, this mouse will also bring you the precision and accuracy your looking for."

» Details

Pro-Clockers Editors Choice : September 2009

"The [Cooler Master] CM Storm Sentinel Advance is now my new favorite mouse. I fell in love with it five minutes after I plugged the mouse in the USB port. For the individual that has large hands, they will like the mouse as much as we did."

» Details

Thinkcomputers - Editors Choice

Thinkcomputers: 10/10 : September 2009

"Wow for their first gaming mouse Cooler Master has done one hell of a job! This isn't some knockoff OEM mouse branded as a Cooler Master product it is a one of a kind Cooler Master Storm mouse that took them 2 years to develop! This mouse looks like no other mouse out there! It is the perfect size and shape for gaming and is extremely comfortable to use. It glides perfectly across my mouse pad!"

» Details : September 2009

"The product package is designed to do some Xtreme eye popping and head turning......The Cooler Master Sentinel features many amazing new and refined concepts to the market and still is available at a very reasonable cost to the consumer."

» Details Gaming Approved

Bigbruin: Highly Recommended : September 2009

“The Cooler Master CM Storm Sentinel Advance is by far the most feature rich gaming mouse I have seen to date.  I would also go as far as saying that any gamer would benefit from the versatility and comfort provided by this mouse…….....I must commend Cooler Master as their first mouse is a home run in my opinion.”

» Details : September 2009

"As far as gaming is concerned, the Sentinel performs above and beyond expectations.  In UT3 the control of sensitivity is a must and the Sentinel delivers without flinching.  Playing Crysis was a joy with the Sentinel, too.  This mouse has changed the face of gaming mice.  No longer is it necessary to pay and arm and a leg for a superior gaming mouse."

» Details Great Hardware : September 2009

"Cooler Master has really been on a winning streak of late with the Storm Series gaming lineup, and with the Sentinel's release they are looking to continue that trend......Aesthetics and features are where the Sentinel Advance probably excels beyond all competitors; it is a gorgeous mouse and has so many customizable features that a 24-page Owner's Manual is needed to explain all of it."

» Details Gold Seal of Approval : September 2009

"Cooler Master has broken the mold and produced a mouse that proves to be a game-changer in the world of gaming peripherals. The physical mouse has a feel that is familiar and comfortable, like an old glove or a favorite pair of shoes, yet the speed and accuracy are like nothing you have ever used."

» Details

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