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Socket 1366 95W Industrial Level 2U Passive Cooler

Standard Cooler with reliable performance for all industrial cooling applications.

  • Compatible with 80W 1366 sockets.
  • Designed for Server and Workstation systems.
  • RoHS and UL certified.
  • Cooler Master is an Intel qualified thermal solution manufacturer.

Model S2N-PLMHS-07-GP
Application System 2U Passive solution - 95W
CPU Type Intel i7
Socket Type Socket 1366
Heat Sink AL base+Stacked fin+3pipes
Cooler Dimension 88.9 x 88.9 x 63 mm
Fastener Screw + Spring
Interface Material Shin Etsu 7783
Weight 296g
Back Plate EP-N1366-01-GP (optional)
Thermal Resistance 0.21/W at 30CFM
UPC Code 884102007460
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