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The L-Stand’s aluminum framework turns your MacBook Pro into a slim and chic mini desktop tower. This reduces the MacBook Pro’s overall footprint and assists by orienting the system for easy cable management. A non-abrasive interior rubber lining ensures that your MacBook will remain free from possible scratches while a non-slip rubber base keeps the L-Stand from moving out of place. The L-Stand is the perfect way to clear desk space and make a statement at home or at the office.
Fits All Apple Macbooks

A one-size-fits-all design makes the L-STAND compatible with the 13', 15', 17', MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.
Full Access to All Ports

The L-STAND keeps all your MacBook ports open and easily accessible.
Smooth and Polished

The L-STAND is crafted from high-quality aluminum that has been sandblasted to a smooth finish. The base is sturdy and durable so it ensures that your MacBook stays where you put it.
Scratch-Free, Non-Slip Design

A non-abrasive rubber interior lining keeps your MacBook scratch free. A non-slip rubber base keeps the L-STAND in place.

Dimension 200 x 100 x 287 mm
(7.9 x 3.9 x 11.3 in)
Material Rubber, SPCC, Aluminum
Weight 800g (28.2 oz )
Compatibility Apple MacBook Pro series
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102016851
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      Megatechnews.com : November 2012

      "Cooler Master’s latest offerings bring us the JAS PRO easel stand and the L-STAND. Machined from aluminum and designed with the same philosophy as your favorite Apple product, they are simple, beautiful, and functional.

      The first thing I noticed about the two stands in the packaging. Cooler Master put some considerable thought into the design and they look as though they could sit next to any product in the Apple Store. Think iPhone box in terms of simplicity and the heavy gauge box only adds to the quality."

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      ilounge.com : September 2012

      "Like all of Cooler Master’s best stuff, L-Stand relies heavily on metal, in this instance sandblasted aluminum. A holder juts out perpendicular to the base, and both pieces are lined with rubber to prevent scratching. It looks like it’ll be a great match for the Thunderbolt Display."

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      Mac-forums.com : September 2012

      "The insides of the stand are wrapped in a rubber like material that also serves to hold it in place on the bottom. This works wonders. To shift the MacBook Pro from side to side requires considerable effort which comes in handy if you’re frequently plugging and unplugging peripherals. The stand also appears to be built quite well. The structure itself is sturdy and the materials are hard or soft in the right places.


      Made out of aluminum to match current Apple products, the stand is lined with soft rubber along the important edges that will touch your MacBook. The front tab holds the computer, and is plenty big to accommodate even an ancient thick Dell laptop. One of the best things about this stand is that it folds flat. Folded, it is about as thick as a internal 3.5in HDD, and can be easily slipped into your computer bag."

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      Gadgetsteria.com : August 2012

      "But if you’re a laptop user who also happens to use multiple monitors for a home setup, the L-Stand is the perfect guard to your trusty laptop, and it just so happens the all-aluminum design perfectly blends in with Apple’s unibody, aluminum MacBook Pros. The combination of simple utility and killer looks makes this another home run from CoolerMaster worthy enough to sit on your desk."

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      Macgasm.net : August 2012

      "The aptly named L-STAND is a single purpose stand, designed for keeping your laptop off your desk and in a vertical position while you use it in clamshell or closed mode. The laptop slides in between the slim band and is protected by the same grippy gray rubber as used in the JAS Pro easel. It’s heavy and stable, and looks of a piece with the MacBook Pro design. The aluminum on both of these stands is sandblasted to a smooth textured finish and a slightly rounded edge, giving them a very nice feel. They appear to be incredibly well made.


      The JAS Pro easel stand is designed to hold you MacBook Pro in an upright open position, most suitable for using the laptop as a display. A small shelf folds out at the front to hold the front edge of the laptop, and then a kickstand folds back to support the laptop. In its fully open position, the MacBook Pro’s screen ends up at about 90 degrees on the vertical. It can hold your iPad just as well, and I found it to be very useful for propping up the iPad while cooking in the kitchen, or for just watching a video. It’s super sturdy and well built, and every part that touches either your device or the surface it’s resting on is covered in a non-scratch, non-slip gray rubber. There’s no chance of slippage with this stand, even on my slippery stone countertop. When you’re done, it folds flat and is pretty easy to store."

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