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The stunning new JAS PRO display stand turns your MacBook into an art exhibit that showcases its striking features. It also affords you with an ergonomic view that is enabled by utilizing the various available screen height settings of JAS Pro to help improve your posture while seated. The intelligent JAS PRO design ensures that the bottom of the MacBook is exposed to full air circulation to assist in keeping vital system components cool. The high quality aluminum finish and compact travel design makes the JAS PRO a perfect companion for your MacBook.
Foldable, Portable, Easy to Carry Anywhere

The JAS PRO has an easy to fold,lightweight design allowing you to put it into your MacBook or tablet bag.
Optimal Viewing / Usage Angles

The easy to adjust dial wheel system finds the perfect, ergonomic angle – No matter how tall you are.
Simple yet Luxurious

The JAS PRO combines a simple designwith high quality aluminum. This aluminum is sandblasted to a fine finishwith rounded edge. It is polished and rigid. If you actually feel it you will be stunning by its quality.
Scratch-Free Design

Scratches won’t be a problem anymore. Whether you’re using Macbook or tablet in any situation at any angle, the rubber lining protects them safely in place and won’t cause damage due to its high precision engineered structure.

Material Rubber, Aluminum
Dimension 262 x 140 x 23 / 176 mm
(10.3 x 5.5 x 0.9 / 6.9 in)
Weight 636g (22.4 oz)
Compatibility Apple MacBook series, iPad series
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102016868
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      Logiclounge.com : February 2013

      "I am impressed with its overall construction, it’s rigid in all the right places and keeps your computer protected from coming in contact and rubbing against the aluminium. This stand is great for anyone who might have an external keyboard and mouse.

      The stand is well worth the money for the quality and reliability that you’ve come to expect from Cooler Master."




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      Gadgmatic.com: 4.5 Stars
      Gadgmatic.com : February 2013

      "The rubber lining of the JAS will protect your device from being scratched and will keep it safely in place. If you are looking for a way to incorporate your Macbook with you external monitor using the JAS will keep your Macbook out of the way, but still allow you to interface with it using a keyboard, mouse or magic trackpad. Looking down at your laptop on your desk can be bad for your neck and back, using the JAS PRO with your laptop upright can help with keeping your posture at a good position and let you use your computer at your normal eye level."

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      Ninjalane.com:  Furious 5 of 5
      ninjalane.com : November 2012

      "Overall we really enjoyed using the JAS Pro and would easily consider it as a standard travel accessory for those who need to have their MacBook (or iPad) close but may not need to type all that much,  Video Chats anyone?   This device is no substute for a real docking station but will help keep your MacBook cool by allowing unrestricted air to the cooling fan and does wonders when you have limited desk space and need the full desktop experience."

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      Megatechnews.com : November 2012

      "Cooler Master’s latest offerings bring us the JAS PRO easel stand and the L-STAND. Machined from aluminum and designed with the same philosophy as your favorite Apple product, they are simple, beautiful, and functional.

      The first thing I noticed about the two stands in the packaging. Cooler Master put some considerable thought into the design and they look as though they could sit next to any product in the Apple Store. Think iPhone box in terms of simplicity and the heavy gauge box only adds to the quality."

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      The-gadgeteer.com : September 2012

      "but if you’re looking for something that will work in any situation next to your large monitor or in front of a keyboard/mouse, it’s very appealing."

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      Mac-forums.com : September 2012

      "The insides of the stand are wrapped in a rubber like material that also serves to hold it in place on the bottom. This works wonders. To shift the MacBook Pro from side to side requires considerable effort which comes in handy if you’re frequently plugging and unplugging peripherals. The stand also appears to be built quite well. The structure itself is sturdy and the materials are hard or soft in the right places.


      Made out of aluminum to match current Apple products, the stand is lined with soft rubber along the important edges that will touch your MacBook. The front tab holds the computer, and is plenty big to accommodate even an ancient thick Dell laptop. One of the best things about this stand is that it folds flat. Folded, it is about as thick as a internal 3.5in HDD, and can be easily slipped into your computer bag."

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      Macgasm.net : August 2012

      "The aptly named L-STAND is a single purpose stand, designed for keeping your laptop off your desk and in a vertical position while you use it in clamshell or closed mode. The laptop slides in between the slim band and is protected by the same grippy gray rubber as used in the JAS Pro easel. It’s heavy and stable, and looks of a piece with the MacBook Pro design. The aluminum on both of these stands is sandblasted to a smooth textured finish and a slightly rounded edge, giving them a very nice feel. They appear to be incredibly well made.


      The JAS Pro easel stand is designed to hold you MacBook Pro in an upright open position, most suitable for using the laptop as a display. A small shelf folds out at the front to hold the front edge of the laptop, and then a kickstand folds back to support the laptop. In its fully open position, the MacBook Pro’s screen ends up at about 90 degrees on the vertical. It can hold your iPad just as well, and I found it to be very useful for propping up the iPad while cooking in the kitchen, or for just watching a video. It’s super sturdy and well built, and every part that touches either your device or the surface it’s resting on is covered in a non-scratch, non-slip gray rubber. There’s no chance of slippage with this stand, even on my slippery stone countertop. When you’re done, it folds flat and is pretty easy to store."

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      Gadgetsteria.com : August 2012

      "As far as stands go, we’re really feeling CoolerMaster’s vibe here. The all-aluminum construction looks and feels awesome. Add to that the sturdy stance that won’t falter and you’ve got one of the best static objects money will buy. Speaking of which, the Jas Pro retails for $70. It’s not exactly an impulse buy of sorts, though, because of the aforementioned qualities we feel the price is justified. "

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      Thegadgetsite.com: Editors Choice
      Thegadgetsite.com : August 2012

      "The JAS Pro definitely lives up to the Cooler Master name. It’s inline with Cooler Master’s product design and carefully matches what it’s made for. A bonus is that it also works with other laptops, which will be a great selling point as well. Design-wise, this blends in along with the MacBook, creating a perfect yet stylish storage solution at home. And it does exactly what it’s suppose to do, which isn’t exactly easy (believe it or not). We definitely recommend this over any other laptop stand out in the market!"

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      ilounge.com : August 2012

      "Jas Pro combines aluminum and rubber in a pretty attractive design that won’t scratch your Mac. The stand folds flat for travel and measures 10.3” x 5.5” x 0.9” when compacted. It’s adjustable to a wide variety of angles depending on just how deeply recessed you want your computer to be. Unlike most of the aluminum stands we’ve seen, Jas Pro has been finished beautifully on all of its sides and edges, using a combination of gentle bevels and chrome, diamond, and swirled metal finishes to look as nice from every angle as it feels. It’s definitely not the least expensive Mac stand around, but it’s pretty versatile, and looks worthy of its asking price. "

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