Silent Pro Platinum 1000W
RSA00-SPPAD3-US; RS-A00-SPPA (Discontinued)

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The Silent Pro Platinum PSUs are fully compliant with the 80-PLUS Platinum efficiency requirement with peak efficiency up to 94%. It features modular cable design integrated with dual 7V fan ports as well as equipped a 135mm ultra silent hydraulic bearing fan, with +12V single rail outputs efficiency that can reach up to 984W output at 82A, enough to power up most high end VGAs and CPUs at greatly quiet operation. No doubt it is specially designed for hardcore gamers who desire extremely high efficiency and powerful gaming products.
  • 80 Plus Platinum
    80 Plus Platinum Certified: 90%, 92% and 89% Efficiency @ 20%, 50% and 100% Load

  • Eco-friendly design: Erp Lot6 Ready!
    A maximum 5Vsb current draw target in S5 off-mode of 0.1A for its motherboards and needed to ensure the system will consume < 1W in its off-mode

  • Powerful Single +12V Output
    Tackling challenges from the most power-intensive peripherals head on, this solitary 12 V power rail provides ample power and strong resistance to any overloading with up to 984W output at 82A .

  • Silent Operation
    Silent Operation 135 mm Hydraulic Dynamic Bearing Fan for quieter operation

  • Japanese Capacitors
    High quality capacitors protecting equipment from capacitor leakage problem, also increasing the life-span of your equipment, especially at high temperatures.

  • Supports High-end Hardware
    Supports 4-Way SLI / CrossFire + Dual CPUs.
    Able to run toughest rig with 4-way GPUs and dual CPUs without any hassle

  • Double-Layer EMI Filter Dual protection from electromagnetic interference, thus restraining noise and interference for greater protection for you and your connections.

  • Intel Compliant ATX12V v 2.3

  • Active PFC+ PWM Combo Controller Integrating this active controller will increase the efficiency of any computer, making PFC higher than 99%.

  • And More
    Soft-start circuitry to limit inrush and thermistor currents.
    High reliability with an MTBF of at least 100,000 hours.
    Worldwide Five Year Warranty and free live-chat customer support.



Type Intel Form Factor ATX 12V V2.3
Dimension 150 x 180 x 86mm (5.9 x 7 x 3.4 inch)
Input Voltage 90-264Vac (Auto Range)
Input Current 6 - 12A
Input Frequency Range 47 - 63Hz
PFC Active PFC (>0.95)
Power Good Signal 100-500ms
Hold Up Time >17ms
Efficiency 92% Typically
MTBF 100,000 Hours
Output Capacity 1000W
Operation Temperature 0~40°C (Nominal Input Voltage)
Regulatory TUV / CE / UL / FCC / BSMI / GOST / C-tick / KC / CCC
Fan Silent HDB 135mm
Certification 80 Plus Platinum
Connector M/B 24 Pin Connector x 1
CPU 4+4 Pin x 2
PCI-e 6+2 Pin x 6
SATA x 12
4 Pin Peripheral x 5
4 Pin Floppy x 1
3 Pin fan Cable x 2
Warranty 5 years
UPC Code 884102016196
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    • Click logo to read full review:  Gold Silicon Award : November 2012

      "Overall, the Cooler Master Silent Pro 1000W looks really good in our overview. They used quality components, minus the Teapo capacitors choice, which was somewhat questionable. The inside soldering looked good and actually looked nice and clean. We have seen some insides of PSU’s where it looks like a kid put it together. If this PSU performs as well as it looks with the mostly quality components, it should do just fine out there in the market place!"

      » Details Approved : November 2012

      "All told while it isn’t a perfect unit, it’s a solid one. Most of the issues are fairly minor things in specific areas. Even as it is, at $250 it’s not a bad choice, I approve of it. Please do click the approved badge and read exactly what it means. Once you’ve done that, my Approved rating will make more sense."

      » Details  Gold : November 2012

      "The CM Silent Pro Platinum is a high-end power supply designed to deliver top-level efficiency while providing convenience of connectivity to enthusiast-class systems.  It is not as large as other 1000W units and that is an advantage, considering it can fit comfortably inside most mid-tower cases.  The inclusion of the 7V fan ports is also a thoughtful addition, extending fan power options for users who need extra cooling. Overall, the CM Silent Pro Platinum is reasonably priced and is a welcome addition to Cooler Master’s exceptional Silent Pro power supply family."

      » Details  Great Hardware : November 2012

      "In terms of performance, the Silent Pro Platinum 1000W finished rather well, with nominal movement on the rails in our voltage regulation testing, while the ripple results were also quite good. Not the best we’ve seen, but well within specification and nothing worrisome at all. The 80PLUS Platinum efficiency is a boon to those looking for “green” solutions, though it could be argued that if you need a 1000W power supply then you’re not exactly energy-frugal to begin with."

      » Details
      Alienbabeltech: Recommended : October 2012

      "We are very impressed with Cooler Master’s Silent Pro Platinum. It does everything that it is advertised to do and we have been testing it under the most severe gaming conditions for well over a month with two different builds that require absolute stability."

      » Details : October 2012

      "Everyone needs a solid PSU inside their system if they want to have a stable and long running one, as it’s the heartbeat of your system."

      » Details Editors Choice : September 2012

      "There’s little doubt that the Silent Pro Platinum 1000w PSU by Cooler Master is the best power supply unit we’ve ever had our hands on. It’s got all the power to juice even the most powerful of gaming PCs and for most people, made so incredibly well that it’ll last you far into the future. Between the performance of the unit, all it has to offer in terms of power and cable management, the absolute whisper quiet ambient noise it produces, plus the quality of the product yourself (with an MTBF of 100,000 hours!) and it’s pretty obvious that this is the PSU of choice for those upgrading their PCs."

      » Details

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