CM Storm QuickFire Rapid (Green Switch)

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CM Storm aims to offer the best available mechanical hardware by integrating CHERRY MX switches. These provide the QuickFire Rapid with the ability to respond to, and recover from, furious button presses with almost zero lag. Vastly improve your possible gaming actions per minute by utilizing a QuickFire Rapid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in FPS, MMO, RTS, and other games. CHERRY MX Green switch will be available based on region.

  • Black Steel Back Plate
  • Mechanical CHERRY MX switches
  • Windows Keys disabled in GAME mode
  • Extra key-caps bundled (with keypuller)
  • Laser-marked keycaps
  • Anti Ghosting
  • NKRO in PS/2 mode
  • 1000Hz/1ms response time in USB mode
  • Multimedia shortcuts
  • Rubber coated Keyboard surface
  • Removable braided USB cable with cable routing

Model SGK-4000-GKCG1-US (Green Switch / Black Steel Back Plate)
Dimension 355(L)x135(W)x35(H) mm
14(L)x5(W)x1(H) inch
Weight 940 g / 2.1 lbs
Interface USB / PS2
Keycap Puller Yes
Extra Keys 6 pcs
N key Rollover N key in PS/2 mode
Polling Rate 1000 Hz /1 ms
USB Cable Removable
Accessories Replacement Top Panel
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102018244
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      Techgage: Editors Choice : May 2013

      "The QuickFire Rapid with Cherry MX Green switches has an MSRP of $99.99. I think this is a fair price for a truly high-quality keyboard. There are gaming keyboards out there that cost more, yet will never approach the QF Rapid in terms of build quality. There’s also some value to having a keyboard equipped with the rare Cherry MX Green switches. It’s a bit like owning an objet d’art, a conversation piece: Not everyone has one, and it’s a point of pride amongst the number of people who do own one because of it.

      But to classify this keyboard equipped with this type of mechanical key switch as a mere trophy is to sell it far too short since it is a superior performer at the job it’s supposed to do. It’s a touch typist’s keyboard, for sure. And it’s more than adequate for gamers as well (just as long as you accept that it doesn’t do macros out of the box, since it doesn’t come with a dedicated software package as some of its market competitors do)."

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