CM Storm HS-M Battle Pad SSK

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The HS-M Battle Pad is hybrid gaming surface particularly suited for bumpy or uneven tables and desktops. The hard upper surface layer is optimized to perform 40% better with laser sensors and offers improved glide for absolute speed and precision tracking. The HS-M Battle Pad is layered with polypropylene and a special alloy coating finish, while the aggressive non-slip 100% natural rubber base makes thorough contact with most desktop materials, ensuring that your gaming surface stays firmly in place during intense battles.

  • Made of a special responsive PP/alloy-layered compound, uniquely textured to offer maximum tracking and speedy glide.
  • Better optimized tracking for all laser sensors.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy on your mouse feet Aggressive non-slip bottom grip - stick it on the table and forget about it.
  • Best for LAN parties - avoid poor desk surface issues.

Model SGS-6000-KHM-1-GP
Surface Type SSK SurfaceTM
Dimension 350 x 260 x 4 mm

13.8 x 10.2 x 0.2 inch
Base 100% Natural Rubber
UPC Code 884102006227