Tri-functional Travel Pad
C-MQ01-KL (Black); C-MQ01-SL (Gray); C-MQ01-GL (Fr

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  • Mouse Pad    
    • Soft microfiber material for comfortable mouse usage.   
    • Anti-static material optimized for all mouse types.   
    • Large surface area andnon-skid base ensures mouse positive traction.   
  • Screen Protector    
    • Place between keyboard and screen when computer is closed adds excellent screen protection from nicks and scratches.   
  • Laptop Duster    
    • Non-abrasive and Germproof microfiber easily removes fingerprints and dust.   
    • Hand washable.   

Model C-MQ01-KL (Black)
C-MQ01-SL (Gray)
C-MQ01-GL (Fruit Pop)
C-MQ01-NL (Flower Pink)
C-MQ01-YL (Sunny Orange)
C-MQ01-BL (Ocean Blue)
Dimension 225 x 170 mm
(8.86" x 6.7" )
Material Microfiber, Natural rubber base
Color Black, Gray, Fruit Pop, Flower Pink, Sunny Orange, Ocean Blue