ThermalFusion 400

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ThermalFusion 400 is a supreme thermal compound that includes high thermal conductivity with low thermal resistance. Its non-curing and non-electrical conductive traits can avoid any short circuit incidence. ThermalFusion 400 is the ultimate solution for thermal dissipation to improve CPU, GPU cooling and other bonding applications.
  1. High Thermal Conductivity
  2. Low Thermal Resistance
  3. Non-Curing
  4. Non-Corrosive
  5. Easy Application with Included Razor Blade

Model RG-TF4-TGU1-GP
Color Gray
Specific Gravity 3.5
Thermal Conductivity 2.89 (W/m-K)
Volume Resistivity 2.0E+10 (ohm-cm)
BLT (Bond Line Thickness) 0.008 (mm)
Volatile content <0.1 (%)
Thermal Resistance 0.032 (degree Celsius-cm2/W)
Weight 4g
UPC Code 884102002687
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    • Click logo to read full review: : June 2009

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      » Details : April 2009

      Cooler Master has just about come face to face with Arctic Silver, a leading competitor throughout the years. This is a major feat, as the properties of Arctic Silver are silver based, which means that it has high heat transfer, but it's also highly conductive. While the chemical properties of Cooler Master's ThermalFusion 400 is non-conductive, it's proving to be an excellent alternative. When using stock speeds, or even a moderate overclock, the ThermalFusion comes out in top.

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      OCIA - Approved : April 2009

      The Cooler Master ThermalFusion 400 has proven itself to be a leading contender in the world of thermal interface material. While I certainly haven't tested all of the different brands and types available, I've had my experience with some of the top names such as Arctic Silver 5, Arctic Silver Ceramique, OCZ Freeze, Thermalright Chill Factor and the Tuniq TX-2. Based off of previous results and this most recent testing, it seems the Cooler Master ThermalFusion 400 may have claim to the top spot among these thermal pastes, although the competition with TX-2 was very close.

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