Ergonomic Metal Sleeve 14 inch

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This product combines stability, safety, convenience, and elegant styling in one package.

Our philosophy is to enable users to personalize and express their uniqueness beyond pure branding. It touches the heart of simplicity in a world of complex elextronic features. our designes are defined by the desires of the people not the motivation of manufacturers.

  • Aluminum cover provides excellent protection for notebook LCD and LED panels, especially for ultra-slim or touch panel notebooks.
  • Fabric and cushion provides excellent shock protection.
  • When placed on a desk, a studied angle of inclination provides the optimum position to prevent injury and fatigue to hands, wrists and shoulders.
  • When placed on the lap, fabric material provides stability and insulates the legs from heat.
  • The aluminum panel is designed for heat dissipation for superb cooling performance.

Model C-MB03-C1
Application Compatible for 14" Notebook and below
Material Aluminum, Poly/Nylon, Foam, Velcro and Velvet
Dimension (W / H / D) 344 x 251 x 42mm (13.54" x 9.88" x 1.65")
Weight 750g (1.66lbs)
Color Brown
    • Click logo to read full review: 8/10 : December 2010

      "The sleeve provides a secure, cushioned home for notebooks during travel, and is easily carried thanks to the included handles."

      » Details : July 2009

      "The Choiix Ergonomic Metal Sleeve is a unique product and I am glad I had the pleasure to review it......For users who want protection from bumps and dings, this metal sleeve definitely will deliver by keeping it protected from the rough hits."

      » Details

      "Would I recommend this product? Absolutely, it is a great idea and I would love to see a larger version released for all of us with larger laptops. As of right now it is a perfect choice for some one that is on the go a lot. Great job Cooler Master!"

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