Cosmos II

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Incomparable in design and specifications, the Cosmos II comes in as one of the first Ultra Tower chassis. Inspired by luxurious supercars, the exterior of the Cosmos II melds aluminum, steel, and mesh into an elegant artistic piece. It maintains its trademark Cosmos profile and outlook with its reinforced aluminum rails while being further refined for today’s advancements in air/water cooling, peripheral support, and styling. Large swinging aluminum side panels and sliding doors lend to its stylish and smooth movements to access ports, drives, and system hardware. With the Cosmos II, build as you wish as the options are endless.



1. Stylish and streamlined race-car inspired design
2. Brushed aluminum and steel for strength and elegance
3. Airflow Optimized Design
4. Supports up to 10 fans and 13 HDDs (2 from X-dock)
5. Supports 4 Way SLI/CF
6. Supports XL-ATX / SSI CEB / SSI EEB boards
7. Advanced Control Panel includes 4 channel fan speed control
8. Rich I/O support: USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 4, e-SATA x 1, Audio In and Out

Model RC-1200-KKN1
Available Color Midnight Black
Material Exterior: Aluminum, Mesh, Synthetics;
Interior: Steel-Alloy, Synthetics, Rubber
Dimension (W / H / D) 344 x 704 x 664 mm / 13.5 x 27.7 x 26.1 inch
Weight 22kg / 48.5 lb
5.25" Drive Bay 3
3.5" Drive Bay 13 (2 from X-docking with key locks, 5 HDDs in the Middle cage, 6 HDDs in the bottom cage)
2.5"/3.5" - SATA HDD Drive Bay 11 (converted from 3.5" cages)
I/O Panel USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 4, e-SATA x 1, Audio In and Out
Expansion Slots 10+1
Cooling System Front: 200mm LED fan x 1, 700 RPM, 19 dBA(converted from 120/140mm x 1)

Top: 120mm black fan x 1, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA
(optional: 200mm fan x 1 / 140mm fan x 2 / 120mm fan x 3)

Rear: 140mm fan x 1, 1200 RPM, 19 dBA

Side: 120mm fan x 2 (optional)

HDD: Mid.HDD: 120x25mm fan x 1 (optional); Bottom HDD: 120mm fan x 2, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA
Power Supply ATX PS2 / EPS 12V (optional)
Accessories Front Panel
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102014857
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      Jonnyguru: Recommended : June 2012

      "The Cosmos II is an amazing case with an abundance of feature and style. The ability to insert both a 360mm and 240mm radiator internally is a major plus, add to this that it includes 2 lockable hot swap bays and an abundance of hard drive capability pending the lower 240mm radiator is omitted and it just gets better and better.  The swing out and lift off doors make for a cool accent feature but also easy enough for maintenance, and the slide away cover panels make for great protection and an overall awesome look!  If your looking for a case that can house a system and a small family then the Cosmos II is hard to beat. "

      » Details  Gold Seal of Approval : May 2012

      "If you're looking for a full tower system that's capable of holding a ridiculous amount of hardware, look no further than Cooler Master's Cosmos II. I've been using the 800D almost exclusively for the test system for over two years but the torch has now been passed on - the Cosmos II is my new all-time favorite chassis. "

      » Details Recommended Best in Its Class : May 2012

      "The front panel connections along with the fan management touchpad give the case a sense of control, convenience. and of course, style. The side panels themselves are built with high quality materials. Looking at the internal features, the Cosmos II utilizes a smart two chamber design for flexible cooling configurations and awesome cable routing features. The functionality of this case is almost near perfect, with the majority of its features complimenting each other. With such a long list of pros, it is hard to imagine what can be improved upon in this case."

      » Details  Editors Choice : April 2012

      "Cooler Master built their empire with competitive budget product offerings but have proven over the years that they are also capable of delivering luxury items and premium products. The Cosmos II case is proof positive that craftsmanship is alive and well in the Cooler Master labs, providing a worthy successor to the Cosmos S and Cosmos 1000 cases that came before. The premium price is enough to give users pause, but the Cosmos II's soft curves and striking good looks will win anyone over, eventually."

      » Details
      Modders-inc - Editors Choice : February 2012

      "Seriously I am very impressed with the attention to detail and thought that Cooler Master has put in to the newest member of the Cosmos team. Every time I opened a new part of the case and explored it I became more impress with it. From the large options to the tiny things that most might not notice makes this a high caliber stylish case that you really need to look at and if you want to impress your friends then this is a MUST HAVE case. I think it will be really hard for Cooler Master to top this case with the next one, but when they do...wholly $#% I want it!"

      » Details
      Thinkcomputers - Editors Choice : February 2012

      "With this case though I believe you get what you are paying for.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower a 10 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!"



      » Details
      PCWizKid: Recommended : January 2012

      "The Cosmos II is one of the finest enthusiast tower cases PCWizKid has seen from Cooler Master to date.  It is truly one of the best designed cases on the market that packs every feature imaginable."



      » Details Approved : January 2012

      "Given the pros and the cons and the staggering features list, as well as the massive grin I notice on my face every time I look at or work with the Cooler Master Cosmos II case, I am giving this case the official Overclockers seal of Approval.  This is one hell of a nice case!"

      » Details Editors Choice : January 2012

      "Ultimately, the thought of using the Cosmos II as the foundation for my next desktop rig puts an ear-to-ear grin on my face. It may not be the epitome of practicality, but the Cosmos is exciting. The child-like enthusiasm I experienced while combing over the case almost earned it a recommendation then and there. Add the superb craftsmanship, great performance, and a comprehensive feature list, and we've got all the trappings of an Editor's Choice award winner."

      » Details
      PCPer - Gold Award : January 2012

      "This is an impressive chassis design with tons of features and great layout decisions that needs to be seen to be understood - hence the video review below!"


      » Details Golden Bear : January 2012

      "The first ultra tower case to hit the market has given us a taste of what it truly means to have it all. With abundant connectivity, included fan controller, and great interior layout, the Cooler Master COSMOS II earns the Bjorn3D Golden Bear Award."

      » Details
      Techgage: Editors Choice : January 2012

      "Subjectively, I think it's sleek, has a great overall look and is probably one of the more eye-catching cases I've had a chance to work with.

      From a design and feature perspective it has tons of room for any gear available today including extra large power supplies thanks to the way the mounting bracket is pulled back from the rest of the frame, which makes me wonder why more companies aren't doing this. The built-in fan controller is also a great touch since it offers the ability to control multiple areas and has three speeds instead of simply high and low allowing users to balance noise versus performance."

      » Details
      Bigbruin:  Highly Recommended : January 2012

      "In the end, all of the features and special touches in the Cooler Master Cosmos II case make it worthy of's top honor, the "Highly Recommended" award. In addition, I was surprised by just how quiet it was during operation, so it also earns the "Whisper Quiet" award."

      » Details  10/10 : January 2012

      "Wow! I don't know about you but take a look at this! This is one amazing size/case! The doors of Cosmos II are a mix between ABS plastic and brushed aluminum. Just touching the doors of this case gives you chills. From both sides Cosmos II we could see some air vents. As we found out later, these vents could be used to attach additional cooling fans to the doors. Never the less the doors look great!"

      » Details : January 2012

      "Over the years, we've run into handful of components so exceptional, so well-executed that they transcend to iconic status.  So, when the next generation of one of those components comes around, it typically evokes a certain response.  We salivate a little; it's embarrassing, but we can't help ourselves.  Exhibit A: Cooler Master's COSMOS II."

      » Details : January 2012

      "having had hands-on experience with most cases in this price range besides the Level 10 – that the Cosmos II does seem set to raise the bar in build quality, design and features. Those looking for the ultimate enclosure should wait until the Cosmo II’s release later in January."

      » Details
      Maximum PC Kick Ass : January 2012

      "the Cosmos II is finally ready for prime time. It’s real. And it’s spectacular...... The cavernous interior leaves plenty of room for all your high-powered components, and with plenty of support for both air- and water-cooling setups, you’ll be able to keep even the hottest rigs chilly."

      » Details : January 2012

      "Given its price-tag we were expecting a heck of the case and that's exactly what we got. The Cosmos II's mix of aluminum, steel, mesh, and plastic has been molded to give it a completely solid feel and a unique look that errs on the classy side rather than the garish. Aside from the thin plastic skirt that curves into the bottom, the build quality simply can't be beat."

      » Details  10/10 : January 2012

      "I doubt that Cooler Master could have packed any more features into the Cosmos II, no matter how hard they tried. It seems they covered every angle as far as flexibility, wire management, and performance."

      » Details : January 2012

      "We've got the successor to Cooler Master's original Cosmos 1000, the Cosmos II Ultra-Tower case. The sequel definitely seems to be a huge step above the original. Built for extreme water cooling and even large XL-ATX and EATX motherboards, this chassis should become one of the hottest products for 2012. Stephen seems to think so. In fact, he's already in love with this chassis. Let's hope they don't fight when he writes the review that completes our evaluation of this striking new case."


      » Details : January 2012

      "The Cooler Master Cosmos II is the ultimate full-tower case for building the most expensive gaming machine you can dream of, with three or four video cards and a big motherboard. Its construction quality is flawless. The main problem with this case is its price. For the budget-oriented users, we think there are less expensive cases that will do the job. But if money isn’t an issue for you, you will be very pleased with the Cosmos II. Just don’t forget to rent a crane and hire four strong guys to be able to move your computer after it is built."

      » Details : January 2012

      "An exciting new case that is as cool as it is massive. This thing is designed to fit whatever you could possibly want inside!"

      » Details  Must Have Editors Choice : January 2012

      "I know it's early in 2012, but the Cooler Master Cosmos II is my early pick for contention for case of the year!  Yeah, its just that nice!"

      » Details
      OCC: Editors Choice : January 2012

      "If i might take the subjectivity of looks on myself for a moment, this thing is drop dead gorgeous!  While it does not sit in the corner and demand your certainly does command it. Cooler Master has said that the Cosmos II is "Supercar inspired"  I am not sure which one they used for inspiration, but I am going to guess it was the Mercedes SLR. It seems that the word "elegant" has been hijacked in recent years to mean square aluminum box. The Cosmos II does elegant in a different way. It has a lot of style, but not in a screaming "look at me" fashion. I noted that the signature Cosmos handles are reminiscent of studio grade rack audio equipment as soon as I got it out of the box. I think the best description for the Cosmos is elegant and professional. As Nigel Tufnel said: "this one goes to eleven""

      » Details  Silver Tachometer : January 2012

      "As you might expect at this price, the quality of the case was impeccable, comparable to Lian Li, although the latter's ascetic design philosophy was obviously not something Cooler Master was interested in! The doors fit perfectly, despite being a lift-off design, and the various buttons and sliding panels excude precision and quality. "

      » Details
      Hardwarecanucks: Dam Good : January 2012

      "The Cosmos II is one of those cases that define the men from the boys. It weighs in at a staggering 50 lbs before components are installed, thoroughly outsizes every ATX enclosure on the market, offers an amazingly complete number of water cooling options and has more fan mounts than many will know what to do with. There’s also space for up to 13 hard drives, an additional expansion slot for PCI extension modules, XL-ATX motherboard compatibility and a ton of cable management options. Even though all of these features have been incorporated into one enclosure, Cooler Master has still retained a classic exterior design that takes many of its cues from the original Cosmos. "

      » Details Recommended Award : January 2012

      "The Cooler Master Cosmos II is a massive case with room for tons of hard drives and extreme water cooling with a rich option set that makes it a great choice for enthusiasts that are not put off by the $349.99 price tag or the weight. "

      » Details Recommended : January 2012

      "The Cooler Master Cosmos II is easily one of the best cases to enter our labs. It offer plenty of features, support, excellent thermal performance, and it just plain looks great. Much like its predecessor, the Cosmos II should quickly become one of the hottest cases on the market."

      » Details
      Pureoverclock: Editors Choice : January 2012

      "The Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra is a beast in just about every facet, from its size, to features, to versatility. But the styling is nimble enough to almost hide the fact this case a behemoth at almost 28" high and 13.5" wide. It's a truly remarkable design, from the exterior to the interior, and the all-black styling lends a sleek contemporary look. "

      » Details Crowned Product Award : January 2012

      "Even though it's about as early in the year as it can be, I'm comfortable saying that the Cosmos II will likely be a top-pick for cases in the high-end enthusiast market. It brings impressive size, the ultimate in flexibility, fantastic aesthetic design, and as much functionality as you could reasonably throw into a chassis. "

      » Details
      Pro-Clockers: Editors Choice : January 2012

      "The new Cosmos II from Cooler Master is one of those cases that can become just as popular has the original. This isn’t like a movie sequel when the first one is a box buster and the second simply flop. The new Cosmos offer all of the goodness that we would look for in a modern day case. There is plenty of room for any type of computer user, space for mega storage solutions and nice clean looks."

      » Details  Furious 5 of 5 : January 2012

      "Overall we found the quality of the case to be excellent, all of the sliding doors operated without any issue including the front drive door which moves on a hydraulic gear and held closed with a few small magnets. Of course the only thing that could have made it better would be to motorize the panel. Both of the side panels are completely clean and comprised of a hybrid mix of anodized aluminum skin with plastic inner panel. Due to the construction there is little chance of installing a side window, and making it look good, though in our opinion that is a positive rather than a negative."


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