Sileo 500
RC-500-KKN1-GP (Discontinued)

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Design Concept
Sileo 500 is Cooler Master’s latest introduction of a silent mid-tower chassis. It is fully equipped with acoustic foam sound insulation material on the top, bottom and sides. It also includes anti-vibration pads inside the detachable HDD trays to reduce noise and noise reduction pads for the power supply. The Sileo 500 also has tool-free 5.25” and 3.5” drive bays for easy installation and maintenance; a true testament to silent computing.
  • Sound-proof design for a quiet computing experience
  • Subtle ventilation holes located between side and front panels
  • Easy access front I/O panel with support for e-SATA
  • 5.25" and 3.5" tool-free design for easy installation and upgrade
  • Aluminum bezel with Elegant design
  • Detachable anti-vibration HDD pads for noise reduction
  • Stylish front LED
Super Silent Operation

  • Acoustic foam sound insulation for quiet computing experience
  • Anti-vibration noise reduction pads
Detachable anti-vibration HDD pads for noise reduction
5.25" and 3.5" tool-free design for easy installation
Stylish front LED
Spacious interior to accommodate for various computer components (optional)

Model RC-500-KKN1-GP
Color Black
Dimension (L)480 x (W)200 x (H)432 mm
Weight 17.6lbs; 8 kg
M/B Type Micro-ATX, ATX
5.25" Drive Bay 5 Exposed
3.5" Drive Bay 1 Exposed; 4 Hidden
Cooling System Front: One 120 x 25 mm silent fan 800 rpm
Rear: One 120 x 25 mm silent fan 800 rpm
I/O Panel USB x 2, eSATA x 1, Mic x 1, Audio x 1
Power Supply Standard ATX PS2 (optional)
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    • Click logo to read full review:  Best Value : January 2010

      "It is nice to see eSATA and great tool-less traits in a cases that cost too little. Many times you would just see a piece of plastic in the area where the eSATA should be. The tool-less side of the Sileo allows for keep installation of expansion cards and drives."

      » Details : January 2010

      "All in all, I definitely recommend the Sileo 500 to anyone in search of a silent mid-tower offering to house their components. Cable management is really easy in this case, as all you really need to do is route cables through the back of the case using a hole that’s already in place. Most of the installation is also tool-less as well, as all expansion slot components and drives can be secured in place without screws."

      » Details  Furious 5 of 5 : December 2009

      "Cooler Master has designed and produced a very solid case with some great features and classic design which would be equally suited for business or home use.  The case supports both standard and micro ATX motherboards and a variety of drive configurations.  The attention to sound also means that you can splurge on your hardware choices and not worry so much about additional noise, GPU fans will appear to be quieter and CPU fans will soften."

      » Details  Golden Tachometer : August 2009

      "The power supply does add to the cost, but at $99.99 from NewEgg, it's still a great value. If you prefer to use your own power supply, though, you can find the base model on sale for just $54.99. At that price, anyone looking to build a silent home or office PC would be hard-pressed to find a better deal."

      » Details  Must Have Editors Choice : July 2009

      "The Sileo 500 from Cooler Master is the most silent chassis I have used to date.  The sub $100 asking price with an included power supply is a huge bonus."

      » Details  Hot Hardware : July 2009

      "This case is for the home or office user that doesn't want to hear the familiar noises generated by a computer during its operations; it is not designed for the overclocker or the enthusiast with a multi-GPU setup. If you take that aspect into consideration, I can find no faults with this case and its set up and I would not hesitate to recommend this case to a user that is looking for silent computing."

      » Details 9/10 : July 2009

      "Overall this case is a great silent mid tower chassis......Overall Think Computers would like to award the Cooler Master Sileo 500 Mid Tower Chassis with 500W Power Supply a 9 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award."

      » Details
      Tweaknews: Top Rank Award : June 2009

      "In the final analysis, Cooler Master has done a good job of defining their target market and providing a case that addresses the needs of that niche market. I you're in the market for a chassis with aggressive acoustic features, the Sileo 500 is a great choice and brings a lot of other nice features along with it. Mr. Bones likes it, and I like it ,too."

      » Details : June 2009

      "The Sileo 500 case is an exciting example of an inexpensive case that distinguishes itself from other cases in a few ways......This case is a solid value for the user wanting good features on a silent case and it delivers it in spades."

      » Details : May 2009

      "Looking at the case's design, it is clear to us that [Cooler Master] is thinking about silence."

      » Details
      Overclockercafe - Editors Choice : May 2009

      "Now with all that said, the Cooler Master Sileo 500 gets overall high marks from us for hitting the mark on quality, fit and function."

      » Details  Approved : May 2009

      "Cooler Master builds a winner with the Sileo 500. Offering two quiet fans, low noise levels and good airflow, the company has a real winner on its hands."

      » Details : April 2009

      "So the Sileo 500 is extremely silent, does a reasonable job of keeping the components cool."

      » Details : April 2009

      It is really not surprising to see the CoolerMaster Sileo 500 a bit ahead in the temperature department, for one thing the Lian Li case is 100% aluminum and it is far superior for removing heat from your system. The CoolerMaster did not do that bad of a job considering it only has two placed where air can be brought into the case. For a retail price of $70.00 I don't think you could hardly go wrong with a case like this if you are wanting silent operation.

      » Details
      OVERCLOCKERSHQ GOLD : April 2009

      Overall I really do think that the Cooler Master Sileo 500 Chassis did alright. It might not have been designed with cooling in mind, but when it came to noise, bar none, it is the quietest I have ever heard, or I guess didn’t hear. I have used some gaming cases in the past, and to see the numbers of this case not far off of those cases is amazing.

      » Details
      Extreme Overclocking Product Approved : April 2009

      The Cooler Master Sileo 500 case ended up being one of the quietest cases I have ever used. The Sileo 500 has a simple look with great features and great quality. The only thing I really would have changed would be the paint. For some reason it just scratches way too easily. The nearly tool free design makes it easy to work with. The price when this review was written was about $75. For that price you don’t usually see a case with such good build quality, silence, and styling. I wouldn’t recommend this chassis to the extreme gamer with more than one graphics card because there is nowhere for that heat to go. This case would be great for someone who wants to use their computer in a setting where they need silence like a dorm room or an office, or even a HTPC.

      » Details
      TopReviewsShop: On-Target Award : March 2009

      "The Cooler Mater Sileo 500 is an aesthetically pleasing mid-tower PC case that holds more than enough drives for the average user. It has an effective cooling system and an ingenious noise reduction system that makes this case a good choice for office and home alike……It is not going to turn any heads or win any awards for outlandish desigh, but we have no qualms about recommending the Sileo 500 for anyone looking for a very quiet and affordable mid-tower case."

      » Details
      Alienbabeltech: Recommended : January 2009

      "this case still manages to shine above many others. If silent computing is what you are after, you really can’t go wrong with the Sileo 500. While using the computer, with the case sitting right on the desk, there was no sound being heard from inside the case."

      » Details
      Cluboverclocker - Recommended : January 2009

      "Although the Cooler Master Sileo 500 is a basic looking case, it's far from generic. Cooler Master has included some of their best features in this case, while keeping the retail cost down to about $60. Don't ask me how they can do it, but Cooler Master has somehow pulled it off. You have to applaud Cooler Master for delivering a good quality computer case without skimping on the features."

      » Details
      3dgameman: GREAT : January 2009

      "The Cooler Master Sileo 500 Case is one of a few silent computer options. It has acoustic foam on both side panels, top and bottom. This means that the case is really quiet and it's an excellent option for anyone who requires a quiet computer system."

      » Details

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