CM Storm Scout

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CM Storm deploys Scout, the True LAN Gaming Chassis. Mobility, security and 20 years of advanced technology converge in one rugged portable mid-tower chassis. Every Scout is engineered with Storm Tactics: a dedicated focus on Strength, Security and Control. The Scout blends into the darkness with a menacing all black interior showcasing your internal hardware.

An automotive tinted side window with dual fan exhaust brings efficient cooling with subtle transparency. A single button triggers stealth mode deactivating cooling fan LEDs. This covert outlook is complimented by innovative internal designs allowing swapping CPU coolers without motherboard removal. Inside, intelligent cable management maximizes space while supporting internal 2.5" and 1.8" SSD bays. On top, a rugged, steel reinforced handle allows the Scout to be easily wielded in a single hand.


Model SGC-2000-KKN1-GP
Available Color Black/All-Black Interior
Material Steel, ABS Plastic, PC, Mesh bezel
Dimension (D)489 x (W)219 X (H)495.5 mm
(D)19.2 x (W)8.6 x (H)19.5 inch
Weight 8.7 kg / 19.23 lbs
M/B Type Micro-ATX/ATX
5.25" Drive Bay 5 Exposed (without the use of exposed 3.5 inch Drive Bay)
3.5" Drive Bay 5 Hidden
1 Exposed (converted from one 5.25 inch Drive Bay)
2.5" Drive Bay 1 Hidden (converted from one 3.5 inch Drive Bay)
Cooling System Front: 140mm Red LED Fan x 1; 60 CFM; 30,000 hrs life expectancy (included)

Top: 140mm Fan x 1 (included) or 120mm Fan x 1 (optional)

Rear: 120mm Red LED Fan x 1; 44 CFM; 35,000 hrs life expectancy (included)

Side: Acrylic window; supports 120mm x 2 (optional)
Expansion Slots Standard x 7, Special x 1
Power Supply Standard ATX PS2 (optional)
Included Accessory 1.8 or 2.5 to 3.5 inch mounting bracket for SSD or HDD
UPC Code 884102004537
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    • Click logo to read full review: : July 2010

      "The Cooler Master Storm Scout is a great case overall. I absolutely agree that it is better suited for LAN parties than the average case, but that doesn’t detract from the case’s use as a stationary desktop either. The sturdy construction makes it very heavy, especially with my overkill PSU and ridiculous number of installed drives, but the weight is worth a case that will last through the apocalypse."

      » Details : October 2009

      "This is a highly portable case with a tight mid-tower form factor that still provides room for sufficient cooling opportunity. It's a well built gaming chassis that won't fall apart under the pressure of being moved a lot. If you equip your entire gaming team with this case your sure to make an impression."

      » Details : September 2009

      "The included feature list is certainly quite comprehensive for a budget case.  The overall design clearly shows that they had gamers in mind.  The integrated handle is an especially nice feature for people who frequent LAN parties, making the task of carrying your computer from the car to the game much easier.  The look and feel are certainly distinctive."

      » Details : August 2009

      "The SafeGuard feature is great for LAN parties and keeps someone from walking away with your peripherals. The handle makes moving the computer a breeze and the case is unquestionably stylish and cool to look at. The case kept all my components cool with the stock fans and I will probably be sticking with the case."

      » Details : August 2009

      "In all, this affordable case has a lot to like. Four USB ports instead of the usual two, large rugged handles to carry your PC to the next LAN party, good cooling, a switch to turn off the glowing red LEDs in the fans, a raised keyboard tray with some pre-routed cables and enough space for more."

      » Details

      "So the question is, would I recommend this? Of course I would, I would have to be crazy not to. With its sleek military look, tinted window, great cooling power, solid steel case, full black interior, steel reinforced carrying handle, and even a LED toggle switch..."

      » Details  9 : June 2009

      "The CM Scout really blew us away, with it's nice exterior and interior design. We can't say enough good things that CM implemented in the case."

      » Details  95 : June 2009

      "Overall, we highly doubt you will find a mid-tower case out there as nice as the Scout for about $100.  This enclosure is easily one of the best  bang-for-buck options on the market right now."

      » Details
      Techarkade: Golden Ghost Award : June 2009

      "This tower was fantastic to build in.  The quality of the Storm series products has been fantastic, all the way down to the accessories kit.  There is a lot more room to tuck wires than a normal mid-tower.  The gamer orriented extras, such as the StormGuard, and carrying handle are very nice to have; if not selling points on their own."

      » Details
      OCC: Silver : May 2009

      "...the Scout offers impressive features that any gamer would enjoy - for one, its promised ease of mobilization. The included handle bar is of Grade "A" quality, and should do well for transportation to and from LAN events."

      » Details
      Hardwarecanucks - Dam Good Value : May 2009

      "Given its price, you get an incredible little case for your hard earned loonie. Overall, we think the Storm Scout is an excellent case and as such, we’re pleased to award it with Hardware Canuck’s “DAM GOOD VALUE” award."

      » Details Recommended : May 2009

      "The style of the case is eye-catching to say the least. Cooler Master even went out of their way to paint the inside, giving the Scout that custom look when everything is in place. At a cost of $109.99 USD and up depending on the e-seller, I would recommend the Scout to anyone in the mid-tower market."

      » Details
      Proclockers: Highly Recommended : May 2009

      "If you were to step out right now and pick up a CM Storm Scout you would be returning home with one of the best little cases available."

      » Details Gold Award : May 2009

      "There is no doubt in my mind that Cooler Master picked the brains of (and listen to) countless gamers and enthusiasts to put together a case of this quality, Antec better watch out!"

      » Details  Great Hardware : May 2009

      "Showcasing an great combination of sharp aesthetics, extensive features, and outstanding quality, the Cooler Master Storm Scout is an excellent choice for a mid-tower case."

      » Details
      Overclockercafe - Editors Choice : May 2009

      "Without hesitation I have to say that this is the best LAN box I have ever used."

      » Details
      PCWizKid: Recommended : May 2009

      "PCWizKid is impressed at the quality and features of Cooler Master Storm series cases......If your looking for a case thats not to big or too small, this one is just right!"

      » Details
      Futurelooks: Recommended : May 2009

      "The Scout sets one strong precedent with its new “Storm Guard Security System” and CPU back plate access."

      » Details : May 2009

      "The Cooler Master Case is very similar to the Sniper and once again feature for feature one of the very best mid-tower cases on the market."

      » Details : May 2009

      "Cooler Master set out to create the ultimate LAN party computer case with the Scout and in many respects succeeded with this case."

      » Details  Furious 5 of 5 : May 2009

      "The CM Storm Scout is a great case in many different ways. The Front I/O panel is a great touch with lots of accessible connections. The Scout is a smaller case making it much easier to transport.  The handles are very sturdy and perfect for quick moving action and convenience."

      » Details  Recommended : May 2009

      " The Cooler Master Storm (CM Storm) Scout is an affordable offering for the gamer brand."

      » Details
      Hightechhardeware editors choice. : April 2009

      "I feel that CoolerMaster has risen above the level of the average case by using the design ideas of people who actually use these type of cases."

      » Details : April 2009

      Overall, the Storm Scout has been a delight to review. For reference, I've included pictures in the slideshow to show how a standard ATX motherboard fits in the case. See below for a Pros and Cons synopsis.

      - High attention to detail and quality construction
      - Major function improvements
      - Portability and security focus for LAN Party goers
      - All black interior
      - Updated and easy to use hard drive mounting brackets
      - Pre-managed cabling and plenty of holes for further management
      - Large clear side window to view your hardware in all of its glory
      - Larger heatsink mounting hole in the motherboard tray
      - Red LED fans and LED control for Front Panel

      » Details
      Techlounge: Recommended

      "The [Cooler Master Storm Scout] is an excellent gaming case, made in the same spirit as the Antec 900, with a focus on tough construction, lots of mass, and military styling. But the [CM Storm Scout] goes further with its nod towards portability, because it’s compact, not just because it’s got a handle."

      » Details
      Techgage rating of 9 : April 2009

      So let's tear open the box and make sure Cooler Master's claims are true and that the "CM Storm Scout is the True Ultimate LAN Gaming Case" I have tested most of the high flow designs out there by various companies such as the NZXT Tempest, the Antec 900 and even the CM HAF 932. To my pleasant surprise the Scout could easily hang with the big boys in raw cooling potential. I consider this a great achievement for such a small chassis. The CM Storm line has another worthy soldier to add to their line-up. Without a doubt this is the best-suited chassis I have ever come across for LAN gaming. With the security features of "Storm Guard" and the rugged construction you, would really have to work at it to do any damage to your prized PC. As for my overall subjective rating, I feel that I have another top notch 9 out of 10 on the desk in front of me.

      » Details
      HardwareSecrets: Golden Award : April 2009

      In summary, we were very impressed by CM Storm Scout. It provides a top-notch quality at a very affordable price (USD 109 suggested price), being the kind of product we like to recommend. If you are a regular user or a high-end user, it doesn’t matter: you will love this case.

      » Details : April 2009

      No other case we have seen can match the Cooler Master Storm Scout in terms of rugged portability, air flow and capacity from a mid-tower chassis. This case will accept and handle the largest graphics cards and can be customized with various fan setups and additions to give the end user whatever mix of cooling capability and silence he or she desires. The true gaming case, you do not have to settle for either the portability of a SFF at the expense of performance, or the performance of a standard system at the expense of portability. We would gladly walk into a LAN with a LCD monitor under one arm, a backpack full of peripherals, energy drinks and cables, and the Cooler Master Storm Scout in the other hand.

      » Details
      Bjorn3d - Golder Bear : April 2009

      Cooler Master has set out to attract enthusiasts and new buyers alike with the Storm series of cases. So far, the series has stressed on smaller, but better cases. Both the Sniper and Scout are mid tower cases. There are a lot of enthusiasts out there who prefer to use full towers because of the added space. I myself prefer the extra space, but hate all the extra weight. I am also not a fan of larger aluminum cases, which make it possible to be lighter, but sacrifice the strength of steel. Cooler Master has made a compromise, with making the case smaller they can keep the weight down, and still keep the strength of steel.

      » Details
      EOC - Editors Choice : April 2009

      Overall I'm very pleased with the Cooler Master Storm Scout. This case continues with the same level of quality and innovation that people have come to expect from Cooler Master. Its compact design is favorable for LAN gamers, but the interior still provides ample room for a completely loaded system. When compared to similar cases like the NZXT Tempest or Thermaltake V9, the Scout really takes it to a whole new level. Personally, I think my favorite part has to be the painted interior, it just gives the case that extra wow factor.

      » Details
      Benchmarkreview: Silvertach : April 2009

      The Scout lives up to its name, in terms of appearance. The military design theme is not some cheesy copy of past hardware; it's a modern, functional construct. It doesn't try to look good, there's no other school of design represented here except Form Follows Function. Some people use that credo as an excuse for a quick and sloppy effort, but a thorough examination of functional requirements always suggests an organic shape that looks right. I'd say, whoever designed the Scout got it right. Marketing is not on my top five lists of professions that I admire, but that's just because I've mostly seen it done poorly. When I see CM Storm looking like they are actually trying to create a partnership between the company and its customers, I'm a bit sad that I've never worked at a company that "gets it", to this degree. The CM Storm brand may be heavy on marketing, but it's being used in the service of the customer. Their second offering, Scout: The True Gaming Case is a solid companion to their first, the Sniper.

      » Details

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