R9-NBS-CLHS-GP (Discontinued)

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The CLUTCH allows you to elevate your MacBook and save crucial desk space by utilizing its small footprint design. Now you’ll have more room to place important documents, pictures of your family, office supplies, or books.
Stylish Display

Compatible with MacBook Pro with Retina Display/MacBook Air/Ultrabook
Easy Port Access

Ideal for people who use their MacBook Pro with Retina Display / MacBook Air / Ultrabook as a desktop replacement.
Luxurious Quality

Constructed from long-lasting, high-quality aluminum.
Scratch-Free Design

Anti-slip and anti-scratch rubbers protect your MacBook Pro with Retina Display / MacBook Air / Ultrabook.


Material Rubber, Aluminum
Dimension 200 x 88 x 70 mm
(7.8 x 3.5 x 2.7 inch)
Weight 575 g (20.28 oz)
Compatibility Compatible with MacBook Pro with Retinal Display, MacBook Air, and all Ultrabook models
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102017964
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    • Click logo to read full review: Editors Choice : March 2013

      "Sleek and stylish, it complements the modern-day Ultrabook and MacBook Air very well, especially for mobile professionals and even college students who are always on-the-go.  It’s a practical solution, if you don’t use a desktop and prefer to hook up your Ultrabook or MacBook Air to a bigger, crisper, higher resolution monitor when you work or play."

      » Details  Gold Silicon Award : February 2013

      "Overall the Cooler Master Clutch does exactly what it was made to do. It holds our MacBook Pro 13? steady, while creating more room on our desk. The rubber padding was a great touch and a must have or this would possibly be a huge failure. The Clutch is heavy enough to not fall over unless something gives it one heck of a shove."

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      The Chris Voss Show
      The Chris Voss Show : December 2012

      The Chris Voss Show:  CLUTCH for MacBook Pro Review




      » Details : October 2012

      "It’s hard to feel anything but love for designers of beautiful and substantial-feeling accessories. Cooler Master had a rough start with its plasticy iPad/MacBook stand Arc, but its more recent metal creations have been gorgeous minimalist designs, fusing aluminum and rubber together with Apple-rivaling panache."

      » Details : October 2012

      "As far as laptop stands go, there’s not much more you can remove in the quest of ultimate minimalism. Add to that, we can’t think of too many more ways of making a laptop stand look high-end without getting overly flashy and ruining the minimalist look at the same time. In our opinion, the bare aluminum and simple design is the way to go, even at the $60 price tag. It’s simply worth it. "

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