CM Storm Power-RX

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This larger-than-life Power-RX utilizes our Surgical Strike Surface construction, a finely textured area to execute precise and intricate movements with ease. Persevere through each battle with this specifically formulated material that also acts as a water resistant guard against splashes, spills, and sweat -- making it easy to clean with eliminates your downtime in the heat of battle.
  • Excellent tracking, aiming, gliding performance
  • Medium soft – less wrist strain
  • Durable Fusion bonding process
  • Rounded clamped down edge lining
  • Anti-slip silicon base
  • Works great with Laser and Optical

  • Extra large surface area
  • Durable and easy to clean (water repellent)

Model SGS-8000-KRSL1
Material Rubber coated weave with medium
Silicon base
Thickness 2.5mm
Size 450 x 350mm
Surface Color Black
Base Color Storm Red (Pantone 1797C)
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102018855
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    • Click logo to read full review: Recommended : April 2013

      "Overall the Power-RX is a very interesting mouse pad. I’ve never seen a mouse pad that trys so hard to be a soft and hard mouse pad at the same time. The crazy thing is I don’t think will find a better solution to get the hard mouse pad feeling while still being able to roll it all up and pack it away."

      » Details : April 2013

      "CM Storm’s Power RX uses some of the best materials and every corner of the mouse pad was designed with comfort and usability in mind. You will almost never run out of room using Power RX’s large surface.

      The entire product allows your mouse to reach its fullest potential, whether that be precise movements in Photoshop or fast-paced gaming. Ultimately Power RX is an easy recommendation for all of our readers."

      » Details Recommended Best in Its Class : March 2013

      "Color me impressed, the Cooler Master Storm Power-RX met and exceeded each and every one of my expectations. To put it bluntly, this is by far the best mousepad I have ever used -- the unique combination of cloth and rubber switched me over to a hybrid gaming surface user almost instantly. I have always been fond of cloth pads for high performance gaming due to comfort and control, but the Power-RX blew that out of the water easily. "

      » Details 5 Stars : February 2013

      "If you’ve got the desktop space for a monster mat big enough to smother a litter of kittens, any one of these is a good investment and at a very reasonable price. (Personally, I’m still trying to decide on my favorite between the Power-RX and Control-RX.)"

      » Details  Must Have Editors Choice : February 2013

      "CM Storm's Poer-RX hybrid mouse pad is the best mouse pad I have ever owned.  While it is slightly pricey, it delivers with effortless use, anti-skid properties with the Silicon base, and offers a mouse pad that will last for years to come."

      » Details Must Have : February 2013

      "The Cooler Master CM Storm Power-RX and Skorpion is an awesome combination to have sitting on your desktop above and underneath your mouse.

      We begin with the Power-RX as it has the great feel of a hard surface. This aspect of the pad allows for the mouse to slide back and forth with ease. Using a fast mouse like the Cooler Master Sentinel Advance II, we had to dial down the DPI settings a little to make up for the extra performance made by the change in surfaces.

      What we did to test the accuracy that so many like the softer surfaces for we played several round of CoD:MW3. In doing so I did not witness in real drop-off in headshots. Overall kills also stayed at a level that I was pleased at.

      With the Power-RX, it would be nice to see some smaller versions show up as many of us do not have desk large enough to support a mat of this size.

      And now for the Skorpion. To me a bungee is a must have if you call yourself a gamer. With a device like this you do not have to worry about too much or too little cord length in the middle of a tedious battle.

      Granted this is the first time ever having used a mouse bungee, we that it was more than heavy enough to not move around the desk. But then again I am a casual gamer. For those that really get into and tend to move around aggressively the Skorpion is capable of slide some with little effort.

      But overall the Skorpion is cool looking and it works."

      » Details

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