JetFlo 120
R4-JFNP-20PK-R1; R4-JFDP-20PB-R1; R4-JFDP-20PR-R1; R4-JFDP-20PW-R1

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Model R4-JFNP-20PK-R1 (No LED)
R4-JFDP-20PB-R1 (Blue LED)
R4-JFDP-20PR-R1 (Red LED)
R4-JFDP-20PW-R1 (White LED)
LED Color Red / Blue / White / Dark (No LED)
Dimension 4.7 x 4.7 x 1 inch
120 x 120 x 25 mm
Fan Speed 800-2000 RPM (PWM) ± 10%;
w/ silent adapter: 1600/1200 RPM (fixed)
Air Flow (CFM) 95 CFM ± 10%
Air pressure (mmH2O) 2.72 mmH2O ± 10%
Life Expectation 160,000 hrs
Noise Level 19 dBA (1200 RPM with included silent mode adapter)

28 dBA (1600 RPM with included silent mode adapter)

36 dBA (without silent mode adapter)
Bearing Type POM Bearing – CM 4th Gen. Bearing
(*POM: Polyoxymethelene)
Connector 4-Pin (PWM)
Voltage 12 VDC
Current (Ampere) 0.4A
Power consumption 4.8W
Accessories Silent mode adapter x 2
(1600 RPM x 1, 1200 RPM x 1)

Metal screw x 4
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102021367 (No LED)
884102021374 (Red LED)
884102021381 (Blue LED)
884102022272 (White LED)
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    • Click logo to read full review: Approved : December 2013

      "The rubber corners work well to isolate a Jetflo’s vibrations from whatever it is attached to. Even better: under PWM control these fans did not click......As I noted above, Cooler Master under-promised and over-delivered on these Jetflos. They are good, strong fans."

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      OCC Gold : November 2013

      "The pump is quiet, and the fans are not terribly loud. I like the JetFlo 140 fans and the fact that they are 4-pin PWM fans. And while we are talking about fans, the JetFlo 120 fans are right at home with the Nepton, and prove that they can move the air when it counts. The rubber pads on the fans help keep any vibrations to a minimum. The splitter power cable for the fans also makes it nice to control both fans from one fan header, and it provides for a clean cable routing since you can run the fan cables and the splitter behind the motherboard tray and keep them out of sight.

      And while the Nepton is well-suited for any case that can handle a 280mm radiator, I was particularly pleased with how well the Nepton 280L and the COSMOS SE case work together. It is as though they were made for each other. Well, I suppose there is probalby some truth to that. 

      The Nepton is really a great addition to the Cooler Master family of CPU coolers."

      » Details  Editors Choice : October 2013

      "High CFM and high static pressure provide some very impressive radiator performance. Yes, the JetFlo 120mm is capable of some pretty serious volume, but it moves enough air that the performance to noise is actually reasonable, and in many cases the JetFlo is actually quieter than the fans included with AiO coolers while offering far superior performance. So, as a radiator fan, the Cooler Master JetFlo 120mm is going to take home a Hi Tech Legion Editor’s Choice Award."




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      Modders-inc: Recommended Hardware : October 2013

      "The JetFlo120?s performance is excellent not just because of the higher RPM but even at the lowered 1600 and 1200 RPM speeds, the cooling potential is comparable to other high-end and more expensive premium fans. Having most of the corner housing be made of rubber material, results in a significant noise dampening from vibrations. The blade design also has a very tolerable noise signature compared to typical fans which have a higher pitch sound. The JetFlo 120 in comparison, has a more “open” sound quality even at maximum RPM. For its excellent value and performance, the Cooler Master JetFlo series fans receives the Modders-Inc recommended award."

      » Details Recommended : October 2013

      "You’d be hard pressed to find many fans on the market that could surpass the JetFlo 120 in sheer performance. The turboprop blades move air efficiently and in a more direct manner that both air-cool and water-cool enthusiasts can appreciate. It also doesn’t hurt being available in four different versions for almost any builder’s color preference. Being a PWM fan with precise speed control and a long lifetime is just icing on the cake from an enthusiast standpoint."

      » Details  Highly Recommended : October 2013

      "The Cooler Master JetFlo 120 fans are unique in almost every way you can think of. From their one-of-a-kind frame design to the inboard-mounted LED lighting the Cooler Master JetFlo 120 cooling fan is totally new. Add to that a staggering ~95CFM max airflow and your components will have an adequate supply of fresh cool air. Of course if you wish to be able to sit next to your computer and use it Cooler Master has included not one but two different speed reducers to drop both the speed and noise level of the fans. Top it all off with up to 2.72 mmH2O (for you water-cooling guys) and a staggering 160,000 hour MTBF thanks to the newly-designed POM bearing and you’ve got a real winner."

      » Details : October 2013

      Lavcopricetech:  Cooler Master JetFlo 120 Review and Unboxing




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