HAF Stacker 915F

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Joining together two titans among Cooler Master case series, HAF Stacker takes the essence of the widely popular High Air Flow and Stacker series and elevates them to new heights as a single, cohesive line. The large drive storage and interior space of the Stacker series meets the Water and Air cooling design of the HAF series. The result is the first modular and expandable full tower with smaller companion cases that all stack together seamlessly.



  • First expandable m-ITX chassis; modular design compatible with HAF Stacker system
  • Stack extra 915F or 915R for dual/triple system or additional water cooling and storage
  • Front mounted design includes power cable pass-through for improved cable management
  • M-ITX Chassis supporting long graphics card, standard PSU (front mount) and water cooling
  • Supports larger tower CPU coolers (i.e. Hyper 212+)
  • Greater storage expandability with optional drive bay accessories
  • Dust filters for top and bottom


Model HAF-915F-KKN1
Color Black / Black
Material Bezel: Mesh/Polymer; Case body: Steel SGCC-t0.7
Dimension 228 x 248 x 578mm / 8.97 x 9.76 x 22.75 in.
Weight 5.1 kg / 10.8 lbs (net weight)
M/B Type Mini-ITX
5.25" Drive Bay 1
3.5" Drive Bay 3
SSD Bays 3
I/O Panel USB 3.0 x 2 (No reset button) / Audio
Expansion Slots 2
Cooling System (varies by stacking setup)

Rear: 120mm x 1 (included)

Side: 6 x 120mm or 4 x 140mm

Radiators: 360mm x 2 / 280mm x 2 (Side) / 120mm (Rear)
Power Supply Standard ATX PSU
Front / Bottom Mounted
Maximum Compatibility VGA card length: 360mm / 14.17 inch

CPU cooler height: 170mm / 6.7 inch
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102025266
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      Jayztwocents : December 2013

      "I find myself starring at this case more and more everyday, and I really want to build something special and unique in this beast. "




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      Ocia.net:  Gold Seal of Approval
      ocia.net : December 2013

      "With the switch to this HAF Stacker 935 I can say Cooler Master has definitely exceeded my expectations."

      » Details
      Hardwarecanucks.com : November 2013

      "The 915R can actually be used as a stand-alone mini ITX chassis or, as with all the Stacker components, added to another module. In its stand-alone form it can effectively act as an enclosure for SFF systems while even retaining the ability to mount larger graphics cards.

      When added to the 935, it can either become a hub for additional storage or continue with its original design intent and be used as a residence for a full secondary system. This actually keeps quite well with what many consumers want: a small SFF system for low power tasks and a fully-fledged system for gaming, photo editing and other tasks.

      Cooler Master’s 915F on the other hand isn’t quite as capable as its 915R sibling, though it does incorporate all of the front panel connectors and power / reset switches we’ve come to associate with standard cases. However, due to its oddball placement of certain elements (namely the storage cages and power supply) the 915R is more capable for full SFF systems. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t well designed since Cooler Master has incorporated several features to make its place in the Stacker lineup very well defined.

      Both the 915R and 915F can be put together or added to the HAF 935 for a truly impressive system."

      » Details
      computerpoweruser.com : November 2013

      "The HAF Stacker from Cooler Master is a revolutionary system that is essentially a set of modular cases that you can combine to configure the best chassis for your needs......there are so many configuration options that it should be relatively easy for you to execute the vision you have for your build."

      » Details
      Neoseeker.com:  Innovation Award
      neoseeker.com : November 2013

      "the HAF Stacker offers an almost-endless list of possibilities. You can place radiators everywhere, install quad-GPU configurations, and still have enough room to host a home server in the same case. It's a niche case and Cooler Master doesn't hold back."

      » Details
      Overclockers.com: Approved
      Overclockers.com : October 2013

      "If you’re like me and enjoy having a ton of options when assembling a system, then you need to take a good look at the HAF Stacker 935. Bring your imagination with you… you’ll need it!"

      » Details
      Hitechlegion.com:  Gold
      Hitechlegion.com : October 2013

      "Once I started putting it all together, it became very interesting. I knew beforehand that it was a modular case, but the level of modularity is pretty impressive, as it seems that every component is completely interchangeable."

      » Details
      OCC: Silver
      overclockersclub.com : October 2013

      "If you plan on creating a full custom water cooled computer, you cannot go wrong with this chassis. It has everything one can dream of and more......If you are looking for a truly unique chassis with advanced water cooling, look no further."

      » Details
      Gnd-tech.com: Diamond Award
      Gnd-tech.com : October 2013

      "The Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 was an incredibly fun case to work with. It's vast array of unique features will for sure be the inspiration for many high end custom builds and mods for years to come. It's solid construction, and expandability was another reason why I enjoyed working with this case so much. We are seeing a trend where users today demand more and more options, thankfully HAF 935 has them. Lots of them."

      » Details
      Pureoverclock: Editors Choice
      Pureoverclock.com : October 2013

      "Overall, the 935 Stacker is unparalleled in this multi-system role and offers tremendous value. Because of its vast array of amazing features, we are proud to award the Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 the Pure Overclock Editors Choice Award!"

      » Details
      Modders-inc - Editors Choice
      modders-inc.com : October 2013

      "I am pretty sure that the possibilities  would only be limited by one’s imagination and willingness to try it out. I can see all sorts of great looking case mods created from this set-up. Even non modders are going to have fun changing things around when they get the urge to have a new case or set up. With this new direction in creating your own custom case and the many different possibilities with the Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 I will have to give it our highest award."

      » Details
      Tweaktown.com:  Must Have Editors Choice
      tweaktown.com : October 2013

      "The HAF Stacker 935 may be an enormous bit of kit, but with everything designed into this chassis, and the complete customizability, it should make anyone with a need for space to quickly gravitate to this design from Cooler Master."

      » Details
      Benchmarkreviews.com:  Golden Tachometer
      Benchmarkreviews.com : October 2013

      "These are probably the most functional cases I’ve ever tested (and I’ve tested a lot of cases). The fact that so many parts are movable and interchangeable makes them tremendously versatile.

      The $169.99 price for the HAF Stacker 935 system, comprising the mid-tower unit and a 915R mini-ITX case, is at the higher end of the case market. Functionally, it’s similar to the showing-its-age-but-still-sold HAF 932, which has plenty of room for a thick, triple-fan radiator at the top of the case. Granted, the 935 is more versatile, but you’ll be paying about $35 more for that.

      This is an excellent and innovative case system that will be of value if you can really use its modular nature."

      » Details

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